10 Steps for the best skin ever: The Korean Beauty Routine

Korean Beauty Routine

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Everyone talks about the Korean Beauty Routine, everyone says that is complicated and expensive.
But I disagree. Strongly. I define myself as K- Routine Believer.
I have a normal skin type, but being a Korean Beauty religion follower helps my skin to be even brighter and healthier.
In Korea is all about having a healthy skin, and healthy means beautiful. In Korea, the mothers teach to the little girls how important is to be concerned about the skin and how to use the products and why; as our mothers taught us how to use a lipstick or wash our teeth.

But now let’s see all the steps to get an amazing skin:

      The first step is to remove your entire eye makeup, from the eyeliner to your waterproof mascara. Better to use a specific Oil cleanser, and take your time to remove everything. Korean Beauty Routine
      This is the mantra for all the Korean Girl and the most important step. The goal is to remove from your face not only the makeup but also pollution, impurities and all the dirt that you can find on your face after a very long day.
      First, start with an oil-based cleanser as a first step. Usually, we just use one product and we feel that we have done. WRONG! This just removes the superficial makeup, and the goal of this step is to remove everything and let the skin breathe. So, what’s next? Wash your face with a water-based cleanser  and rinse for taking off all. These two steps are necessary. Korean Beauty Routine
      Exfoliate your face is an important step for removes dead cells from pores, making them appear smaller and revealing a fresh skin.
      Remember: Less is more, so once or twice a week is enough and of course, you need to choose a scrub according to your skin type. Skin with imperfections and/or redness prefers a more delicate version, while oily skin a stronger one. Is important to mention that removing the buildup enhances your skin’s ability to absorb everything else, from your face mask to the anti-aging serum.
      Korean Beauty Routine
    4. THE REFRESHER- Toner time!
      The aim of this step is to help remove any residue of the cleansers while restoring your skin’s pH balance. Our western toner products are a little bit aggressive than Korean ones, that are soothing and less harsh on the skin.
      The heart of the Korean skincare routine! An essence is a kind of toner/serum hybrid made for hydrating, repair the skin and improve the cells turnover. Is like a concentrate of active ingredients that will cuddle your skin. The market offers a million different type of essence, just find the one that suits your skin. Korean Beauty Routine
    6. SERUM
      Brighten skin, fading sunspots, and smoothing fine lines: a serum is all you need. Apply 4-5 drops on your hand, and massage gently on your face and neck. Korean Beauty Routine
    7. THE MASK
      In Sheet, moisturizing, purifying… I can keep talking hours and hours about masks. The purpose of the mask depends on what your skin needs, and you can find a millions different type of them. My favorite is the sheet mask when I need to moisturize my skin, but for purifying I prefer creamy masks. Sephora Masks
    8. EYE CREAM
      Red circle and bags under your eyes? The skin under your eyes is delicate as a flower, and to keep the sings of the time as far as is possible, we should take a good care of it. I never miss this step on my daily beauty routine, no matter how late I go back home.

I love to say: the skin that you will have at your 50, will be the skin that you deserve.
Like in a love story, each skin type will find the perfect match with its destined cream. If the relationship is wrong and complicated, divorce and look for the new prince. Same for the cream.
Also, different season required different hydration, is impossible to use the same light lotion that you use in summer for the cold winter nights.

It is simply MANDATORY in the Korean beauty routine, as the sun creates huge damages.
To prevent premature aging, dark spots and skin cancer you must use a cream with SPF. Do you like a tanned face? Use a good bronzer and keep away your face from the sun.

Korean Beauty Routine

All these steps, all these products. It seems too long?
But 10/15 minutes of your time for taking care of yourself, cuddle your skin doesn’t seem so much, right?
Is more a personal ritual rather than a boring routine.
Once you start, you can’t go back. Of course, I didn’t follow each step each day, for example, I exfoliatiate once or twice a week, or I mix a different kind of mask with a different type of effects. The double cleansing and the moisturizer steps are human rights, something essential like water and food.
And Chanel.

All the products you need for the perfect Korean beauty Routine:

Words by Ambra Vannoli Photos by Giada Graziano
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