4 Makeup products I can’t live without

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I love makeup . When I was a teenager I spent hours and hours watching makeup tutorials on youtube and today I still do the makeup of lots of my friends and people of my family when they have some special occasions . I’m not a makeup artist but I’ve learned lots of tips over the years that make me create a good makeup look . When I was younger I used to buy lots of different makeup products but today I prefer quality over quantity and I’ve learned what products to use for the day and what for the night . I still have many makeup products and I love to test new ones but there are 4 makeup products I can’t live without , products that are my essentials from a basic to a more elaborated makeup look . These are the products that I invest more in because I do truly think that they are the most basic but also the most important .

Here are the 4 products that I always have with me :



A good foundation can make your skin appear soon bright , smoothed and compact . It’s able to cover your imperfections . My currently favorite foundation is this cushion foundation from Sephora (you can read my full review here) it’s really easy and fast to apply, it makes the skin immediately more radiant and it covers in a natural way the imperfection leaving the complexion well groomed . I’ve almost finished it and I want to buy it again. I think that it’s also perfect to carry in the bag for retouches during the day .




I have visible under eye circles so to make my face and eyes look brighter and fresh I need to use the concealer . This that I’m using from Sephora (you can read the review here) covers perfectly my dark circles and it brightens the eye area .



We all know how a great mascara can change an entire look completely . I could go out wearing just mascara on the eyes and feel like I have a great natural makeup look . My favorite mascara ever is the They’re Real from Benefit that can really make your lashes longer and fuller . I adore it!

Contouring Palette


Since when I tried the first time a couple of years ago I’ve added the contouring process to my daily makeup routine . The shadow and light effect that you create with the dark and the light shades can sculpt your face enhancing your strength and correcting the rest . I use to contour my nose to make it smaller and I also apply the darker shade to sculpt the rest of the face . I like this contouring palette from L’Oreal that I’m currently using (you can read the full review here)


So these are my top essential makeup products , what about yours? I’m really curious to know this 🙂 I always want to discover new products so leave me your comments below and tell me what are the makeup products you can’t live without 🙂

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