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Being blogger might seems simple. Taking pictures, writing posts and the rest comes naturally. The reality is not exactly like this. There is much more behind the management of a blog (and efforts doubled if you want it to become successful). The days when you have no ideas, you feel demoralized by the results that are slow to arrive or where it is difficult to find time to do it (I didn’t blogger or three months, you can read my story here) happen to anyone (even to the successful bloggers).  So how can you have and maintain a successful blog, and how can it grow more and more over time? Organization is the key word. After my break from blogging I learned that if you really want to do something, and if that is not the only thing that you have to do (I attend a Full Time Master, cook for lunch and dinner everyday, study, I take care of the housework and I even have a blog and an Etsy shop :D), the trick is to get organized and I know that is not always easy, it took me three months to get used to this routine. Organizing your time and divide tasks during the day helps with the achievement of the objectives and also helps us to feel better and less suffocated by all the activities. So I created a to-do list that helps me to stay organized with the blog, to not forget anything and to being able to handle everything. Today you can find a To-Do List that every blogger should follow, regardless of the type of content you publish. The activities on the list are in chronological order and we assume the post of the day it is published in the early morning (around 06:50) .

1.Schedule social media posts (half-hour)

Do not just hit publish and leave your post on the blog waiting for someone to read it. Once that your post is online it’s right that the effort of creating the article is paid off with the right number of visits. You must share the post on all social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest) to let your readers and friends know that a new post is ready to be read. The post of the day, as well as a link to the older ones, need to be shared on social channels several times during the day, so it is best to use a program that allows you to schedule posts and publish them automatically. I use Buffer but also Hootsuite is perfect to schedule social media posts.

2.Take the photos

Morning or lunch are the best moments of the day to take pictures because there is more natural light. Light is essential to get quality pictures , so before moving on to writing the post make sure the photos are ready. I generally take photos for the blog 2/3 days a week. I spend at least a couple of hours to shoot both outfits that other pics for the beauty and lifestyle posts.

3.Write the posts

Obviously the blog does not work without content, so this should be the biggest part of your job as a blogger. It takes approximately 2/3 hours to write a post, correct it and schedule it for the day of publication.

4.Read and comment on your favorite blogs

The interaction with other bloggers is critical. I love reading my favorite blogs also to get inspiration for my next posts, and I especially like finding new ones. Almost every time I read a post I try to leave a comment. The comments help to establish relationships with other bloggers and are also a great way to increase traffic on your site. Many bloggers tend to comment back   (I do it 🙂 )

5.Be active on Instagram

You should have about 2 photos a day ready to be posted on Instagram. The key part, however, comes after publication. As with the post for the blog, also for Instagram the rule is that you need to publish quality content, but it is not enough if no one “finds” you. So you have to comment and like more photos to make your profile visible to others. This will increase the number of likes, comments and followers a lot faster 🙂

6.Manage the newsletter

Collect emails of your readers is essential. Make sure you have one or more subscribe forms that allow the registration to the newsletter of the blog. People who register are the most interested in your content so they expect from you an email summarizing the posts that have been published and that may have lost.

By the way, you can subscribe to my newsletter here 🙂 No spam, I promise

7. Emails

As a blogger you will receive lots of emails for collaborations and also from your readers for advices.It is therefore necessary to devote an hour to emails to answer all of them and also to send some new emails for collaboration requests to your favorite brands.

This To-Do List, if implemented every day, definitely helps in the management of the blog and is also needed to ensure that your blog will become successful. If the activities are too many, you can also divide them in various days of the week. Personally I can not do everything every day so I divide the activities: I focus on writing the post during the weekend, I shoot the outfits during my lunch break, I schedule my posts on social media every other day (I schedule posts on Monday and I make sure to cover also Tuesdays, I schedule on Wednesdays and I cover also Thursday and so on) and I read emails in real time.

What do you think of these tips? How do you organize and manage your blog?Leave me your comments below 🙂

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