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Julie Stevanja is CEO and founder of Stylerunner  the leading digital destination for the world’s most coveted activewear brands. Julie Stevanja is another of our favorite girl boss. In 2012 she was based in London and working for a tech start-up. Although living in one of the most fashionable cities in the world, it was here that she found that she wasn’t able to find a big enough selection of stylish activewear to meet her needs. Realising the gap in the market was the perfect opportunity for an e-commerce that’s when the idea of stylerunner came for the first time.  Stevanja committed to creating the world’s first premier online sportwear store and launched Stylerunner just three months later.

Vogue interviewed her and this is for sure the best and most inspiring tip to be successful if you want to have your own company:

No matter how great your idea is, success is one per cent idea and 99 per cent execution. It’s about how quickly you move to execute, how quickly you learn to evaluate the data and the results and adjust. I think that one of the key skills is that momentum. There’s a lot to be said for planning and ensuring you have the resources to see through the idea. It’s about being a doer.


Her advice is a source of motivation, she suggests and teaches us to do.

If you dream about your own company, planning is important but remember to not plan forever and instead start doing. You can start doing and continue planning at the same time, just think about what it’s necessary for the first steps and do everything you can, the rest you can plan by doing. Keep in mind that when you start a business you’ll learn all the things by doing, a good plan is necessary but acting is even more important to not leave your ideas on a paper.

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