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(Home) Office: Create a Stunning Space to Work From

If you’re a freelancer, blogger, run your own business or generally work from home in any capacity, then a good home office is vital. When you work from home, it really helps to have a separate working environment where you can go to get stuff done. At the end of the working day, you can close the door and know you’re done. It’s so easy for your work day to blend with the rest of your life when you work for yourself, meaning it can feel like you don’t stop. This isn’t good for productivity levels, and can lead to burnout. Having a space that’s comfortable and organised is a good idea, if you’re looking to create one or upgrade your space here are a few things to bear in mind.


Before kitting out your new home office, it makes sense to decorate the room first. A space that looks clean, neutral and professional is a good start. Clean white, magnolia or very light grey make a good base. You can always add colour and interest with an accent shade to bring in personality, but these kinds of colours will help the room to look light, bright and airy. Blue has been shown by psychologists to be a highly productive colour, so you could work elements of blue into your design if this is something you wanted to tap into. For flooring, wood or laminate look smart while being easy to clean and so could be a good choice in the office.

Comfy Desk Chair

To go at your desk, you of course need a good desk chair. It’s tempting to choose something purely on looks here, but your chair should be comfortable and supportive. Instead of choosing something online, it’s worth going into a number of shops and sitting in different models. You will be spending a lot of time in this chair so it’s not a decision to be made lightly. Choosing the right desk chair will also prevent neck, back and wrist strain and generally allow you to be as comfortable and productive as possible.

(Home) Office: Create a Stunning Space to Work From

Living Plants

Along with natural light being shown to boost mood and productivity, living plants can also do the same. They’re a great way to liven up and decorate the space and can breathe life into the home office. It could be a large potted yukka, a simple spider plant on the desk or some cacti along a shelf depending on your style and the space. Terrariums work well in offices too, these little glass containers can be potted up with smaller cacti and mini plants to create an almost indoor garden. If you’re looking to bring in some interest to the office without fussy knick knacks and accessories, plants are a great way to go about it.

Motivational Prints

Prints are perfect to decor the wall and the desk. You can choose a fashion illustration or some motivational prints that will boost your mood and productivity. The Girl Boss Print is a must-have for every home office

Effective Storage Systems

Good storage in the home office is key, after all you’ve probably set up this room so you can stay organised with your work. Filing cabinets, drawer dividers, office tidies, shelves for books- these are all systems you could have in place to keep your things neat and tidy. Clear acrylic muji storage is popular with bloggers, and can be used to store all kinds of things on the desk. Keeping good records and things is crucial if you run a home business, so make sure these are properly stored away. Come tax time you’ll be grateful that everything is in order.

Stationery and Office Supplies

As well as looking nice, your office needs to be practical too- and that means being well stocked with the office equipment you need. You can buy cheap toner and ink cartridges online to keep your printer running along with reams of paper. Staplers, pens, stamps, envelopes. Have a think about the things you need to keep your work running smoothly. 

(Home) Office: Create a Stunning Space to Work From

A Large, Sturdy Desk

Since all of your work will be done from your desk, a good sturdy one is essential. Go with the biggest size that works comfortably in the room, this gives you plenty of space to put things and means you aren’t swamped with papers and other items that are quick to accumulate. If your room is a funny shape or you want something that’s particularly large, how about installing worktops along the edge of the room. Alternatively you could pay a carpenter or a bespoke furniture company to create you something custom. Ideally you should position your desk in the room close to the window, this is because daylight is a natural mood booster. You might find it makes you happier and more productive.


A Desk Lamp

A desk lamp is needed for those times you have to burn the midnight oil! Every now and again we all have to pull a late one, and so a good desk lamp to see you through the night is essential. Copper, rose gold and marble are all very on trend at the moment, or you could go with a style or colour that matches the rest of your office. It’s a way to bring in some colour and interest to the room in a functional way. Choose a desk lamp with an LED bulb rather than an older halogen style one, they won’t get hot and will last far longer too. Plus, LED bulbs are of course better for the environment too, so it’s a win-win situation.

A functional, beautiful home office is exactly what you need to boost your work at home. When you have somewhere to sit, somewhere to store and organise your belongings and documents and are in a space that looks nice you can be as productive as possible.

Do you work from home? How important is a great home office to you?



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