A blogger is going from digital to physical with a Pop-Up store

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The life of a blogger has always started and been online. All the other business and brand that started from something physical like a store, a magazine, a product are now more and more converting into the digital world. There are some cases when something that was born entirely online wants a physical contact. Like Leandra Medine, blogger and founder of Man Repeller who is going from digital to physical starting a pop-up store named MR Bazaar.

Leandra started Man Repeller on April 2010 from her apartment and now is one of the most famous fashion blog. She’s smart and funny, she launched a shoe collection available exclusively on Net-a-porter  and her own book.

Now this new big project: the pop-up of Man Repeller will open at Canal Street Market and will operate Friday through Sunday from March 1st for a month. Inside this pop-up store you’ll find the shoe collection of Man Repeller, t-shirts, mugs but also a place where you can sit, drink and have food. An entire experience.

You can shop Man Repeller shoes collection here: how cool are the cactus sandals?

I’m really curious to see the pop-up and find out how this big project is going to evolve. I think that this is a really great and brilliant idea to make the contact with the readers even more real. The online world can make you feel connected with everyone always, but the physical contact is something else, it can give you a more real vision and maybe is a better way to understand that there is a super huge and big project behind an online business.

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