How to break into the beauty industry

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The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry, and this means that there are tons of beauty brands out there so if you dream about creating your own beauty business you should know that this industry could make you realize big dreams but to stand out of the crowd you really need to work hard and follow these rules that made the most successful beauty brands that we know today:

  • No One should have to do what you’d like to do

If you’re thinking about starting your own beauty business you need to start with a really innovative product, you need to think about something that it’s new. Have you ever heard of Skin Laundry? They release five thousand of products every month because they launched an innovative product : the result of a laser treatment but accessible. It’s essential to start with an innovative product, think about what there is now on the market and what you’d like to have that it’s still not available or that it’s available but could be different (better, cheaper, more innovative..) 

  • Focus on one thing

Another secret to make your business stand out is to focusing on one product and doing it perfectly. You can decide to specialize just on eyeshadows, masks, contouring… choose what you prefer and create an amazing product that will make your brand known for that. After that your brand is well recognized for a great product and people trust you, you can start introducing other products. If you love a product from a brand you’ll be more willing to try other products of its line, right? You have to do this too.

  • You don’t need to be at Sephora to sell your products

If you have the idea of your product and you’re thiking about production, your next step might be the distribution → Where and How do I’ll sell my products?

This could appear the most complicated step, we could have created the most amazing product but if no one know about it, it’s like eveything has been done for nothing. Luckily today thanks to the social channels, the blogs and the e-shops is easier to make your product be known. You can launch your own website and start selling your products there and promoting it through social media and beauty bloggers. This is also a great way to test the market before launching your products on a larger scale, you can do some market tests to see what products work the best and which you can invest in, then he online world will help you.  Think about all the beauty girls with their youtube channels who are able to reach thousands and thousands of people. If you create a great product people will start talking about it online automatically and will start sharing their opinion, so your products will reach a large audience with low marketing costs.


What do you think about these tips? Have you ever had the idea of launching your own beauty line? Leave your comments below


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