The business of blogging is not advertising anymore

You can make millions with your blog, but not with the sposored posts

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The business of blogging is not anymore just about advertising, creating sponsored content on the blog and social channles, selling banners and affiliations.

The business of the most successful fashion/beauty/lifestyle bloggers has ,yes for sure, started from the blog but it has then evolved and developed into a true commercial business.

The revenues of the most successful bloggers come from the sales that they made through their own online stores. From Chiara Ferragni, to Rachel Parcell, to Clio MakeUp, Pixiwoo, Huda Beauty, Zoella and now also Cupcakes and Cashmire. All these bloggers have launched their own beauty, shoes or clothing lines and that is what drives the biggest part of the revenue. The 90% of the revenue of these bloggers in fact comes from the sales of their collection. Chiara Ferragni earned 8 million of which more than 6 came from her shoe collection.

These bloggers tested the ground collaborating first with famous brands, designing for them capsule collections of few pieces that went sold out in few hours or selling their own book like Song of Style, The Coveteur, Garance Dorè, Man Repeller, Cupcakes and Cashmire most of which became best-seller.

That’s when they understood that there could be a great potential in launching their own personal line and selling them directly on their online store.

This makes perfectly sense, if a blogger/influencer can reach thousands of people and make brands increase their sales so why not developing their own personal line/products and sell them directly?

Of course developing a collection and starting an online store is not easy like promoting a product from a brand, which requires from some minutes to a week. Launching a collection and a store can take 8-24 months. It’s for sure more complicated and it involves much more people,research and money investments but at the end, the day of the launch this will definetely be worth the sleepless nights.

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