Coachella | Why it’s an essential social media moment for fashion brands

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The annual music festival event with desert setting, palm trees and sunsets is almost here.

This 3-days-weekend-event is an amazing opportunity for the fashion and beauty brands to boost their popularity.

Coachella is in fact one of the most instagrammable event with a great exposure among the target which brands are aiming to : millennials.

Brands can’t miss this opportunity to build and increase their awareness organizing events and parties ad hoc for the occasion. It’s essential to create something really great: the goal is getting people to activate their social media accounts and share.

Brands like H&M (official sponsor of the event) is thinking about creating amazing experiences that people could not but post. They also want to push their sustainability message by installing air-conditioning, water refill and charging stations.

Another of the most discussed brand of this event is Revolve, whose Coachella parties are among the most instagrammed thanks to the top influencers who, every year, join the events and share everything on their social media.

“Creating Instagrammable moments is always top of mind when we’re planning social activations. From Revolve Social Club to influencer brunches to festival parties, we aim to create aesthetically stimulating experiences that organically encourage sharing via social,” says Raissa Gerona, chief brand officer to Fashionista.

This event is not actually a 3-days-rumors-event, but weeks before (as you may have noticed), all the fashion magazines, websites and blogs talk about it, suggesting the perfect outfits. That’s why brands started creating collections of pieces for the event which have become super-coveted sometimes even more than fashion weeks.

Also Victoria’s Secret this year for the first time is organizing a Coachella Event called “ Angel Oasis” .


Are you already in the festive mood? Here are some pieces to get the perfect Coachella style (even if you’re not attending the event)


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