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Aimee Song, the gorgeous and smart blogger behind Song of Style has just shared her first vlog of this New York Fashion Week answering all the questions you have always wanted to ask to a fashion blogger about fashion week.

Does bloggers have to wear the designer’s clothes to the show?

A: Since bloggers develop a relationship with brands it’s like a form or respect to wear their clother to their shows

How do you get invited to a fashion show?

A: Contact the PR or the person of the brand who manages this. Email the press office and ask if you could attend the show

How do you plan your time to change looks?

Like many bloggers already said it’s true that they change their looks in the car but for this year Aimee has decided to change only 3 times a day! It’s not all so funny as it seems! Can you imagine changing the clothes into a car?!?!?

What it’s your favorite part of the fashion week experience?

A: Seeing the shows , the designers’ creations and how they have grown over the seasons

 Are most of your outfits gifted or borrowed?

Most of the clothes she wears are press samples so then she has to give them back.

Does the brand pay for your flight?

A:Most of the times I pay myself for my flights because some brands invite your for the show and pay you for the flight but they want you to go only to their show so I fly myslef

Any advice on how to build relationships with brand pr?

When you contact to them don’t copy paste, be a nice person. Build a relationship with them. If they invite you to a show say them thank you when it’s finished. Email them about the blog post or social media posts you created, this will help you to create a relationship.

You can watch the full video here

What do you think about? Is there any other things you’d like to know about the bloggers during fashion weeks?

featured photo @songofstyle

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