How Your Fashion Blog Can Reach An International Audience

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Increasing your readership is the number one challenge for any blogger. Getting a regular audience that reads every post is a big achievement but it is manageable. When you’ve managed it, where do you go now? Most bloggers make the mistake of thinking that they’ve grown as big as they possibly can when they start to see the number of new readers slow down and stagnate. Usually, it’s not the case that you can’t grow anymore, it’s just that you’ve exhausted all of your more local avenues for growth. The way to take your blog to the next level is to expand into an international audience. There are millions of internet users around the world, bringing people from across the globe to your site is the next logical step for you, here’s how to do it.

Adapt Your Content


This is the first thing you need to do is start adapting your content so it’s more suitable for an international audience. All of the content that you write about your home country is perfect and people that live there love reading it, but somebody from halfway around the world that’s never been there might not be that bothered about it. You need to open up the scope of your content to include international news and issues that are going to be of interest to people from all sorts of countries. However, you need to be careful when you’re adapting your content because a blog that spreads itself too thin and tries to cover too many topics isn’t going to capture an audience very effectively. You should be adapting your content to appeal to an international audience while still maintaining the things that made your blog popular back home.

Streamline Language


The language that you use is going to have a big effect on the international success of your blog as well. English is the best to use because it’s spoken widely and most browsers will translate the page for your readers anyway. The problem is, if it isn’t written perfectly, the translations will come out wrong. Visit AJ’s blog for some tips on brushing up on grammar and proper English practices. You might think you’re writing perfectly but any of those little mistakes could affect the translation. It’s also important to avoid using any slang terms that are specific to your country because they won’t come out in the translation either.




The best way to tap into the readership of a new country is to work with some of the established bloggers over there. They’ve already got a strong readership in that country so if you can get a few guest posts published on their blog and people enjoy them, you’ll pick up some new followers. You should view it as a two way opportunity so offer them the chance to post on your blog in return for some posts on theirs, that way you both get access to a whole load of new readers.


Extending your international reach is the only way to see sustained growth on your blog.  

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