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The most difficult part of a blogger’s life is finding always new content to write. Lots are the times when your brain just feels down and the inspiration seems that has left you forever. This post can help you when you have that day when you just sit in front of the screen and wait until the inspiration came out to write a new posts, but nothing happens and the time passs so fast that you’ll find yourself at the end of the day with still a blank page. I hear you.

This happens also to me and to every blogger out there, is completely normal. But there are lots of ways to be inspired again, someone could suggest to have a walk, read books, buy some magazines but I think that there is a faster way to be inspired again to find soon new blog posts ideas.

This is not a magic formula and it doesn’t include someone who will write a post for you, it’s just simple. Pinterest is the answer. When I’m not inspired at all what I do is just search through my Pinterest feed and scrool the images. There are some images tha can inspire you to find your nexts posts.

Let’s imagine you see a beautiful image with an amazing outfit, you can ,for example, write a post about the best dresses to wear right now inspired by that pic. On Pinterest there are thousands of images from fashion, beauty, home decor ad food so you can find the inspiration for lots of topics.  Just follow the right people and boards and scroll your Pinterest feed.

What I do advice is not arriving at the latest minute when you have no posts ready for the next or same day. For example I suggest to scroll on Pinterest today (Tuesday) because I have no posts ready for Friday. You can do it when you have 20-30 minutes like during your lunch break, when cooking your dinner or before bed, you can  take your iPhone a pen and a paper to write down the ideas that come to mind when scrolling.

What do you think about? How do you find the inspiration for your blog posts?Leave your comments below.

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