Find out now how many people and what careers there are behind a big blog like Man Repeller

Leandra Medine founded it but now lots of people work to make Man Repeller as amazing as you know it

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Almost all of the most famous blogs out there started with a single person, who typed the first words on a white online page from her own bedroom and a laptop. Today after years of hard work, sleepless nights and lots of constance they have built an online media empire with lots of people involved, a real office space, a real business and believe it or not they have more hours to sleep.

One of the biggest fashion blog out there is Man Repeller, founded by Leandra Medine that now it has evolved into an online media business.

But how does a fashion blog works when it’s so big and it has evolved into a business?

In this post we are reporting all the careers that are behind a big blog like Man Repeller, hoping to make you understand how many people are involved and are needed to run a blog/online business. All these informations are taken from Man Repeller  which posted about all the different people who work in the team.

  • Director of Brand partnership – Integrated Marketing Strategist – Head of Revenue

The 3 people behind these 3 careers work together to create and secure partnerships with brands. They manage and run the business part of the blog

  • Managing Editor

She manages editorial calendar and makes sure that the posts go up on time, that freelancers get paid and that the site doesn’t explode.

  • Content Strategist

She watches real time analytics on Chartbeat, tracks daily and monthly progress against traffic goals, sets a schedule for social posting, write social posts, writes traffic summary reports, looks into things they could be posting about, watches trends, SEO, and chooses stories for the newsletter.

  • Editorial Director

She directs content and editorial strategy as well as manages the edit team. On a day-to-day basis she :edits writers, discusses and refines pitches with freelancers, sits in meetings, talks in meetings, checks traffic tools, emails, looks at budgets, writes meeting agendas, writes to-do lists, oversees the day-to-day editorial calendar, makes sure things go up on the site, looks at the site, looks at her RSS feed reader and does interviews

  • Editor and Senior Writer

Editor means that editing the content on the website. She works with contributors and freelancers on their stories, she helps organize and strategize the content calendar, works with the ad sales and visual teams and she writes.

  • Junior Editor

She mostly writes stories, then she edits others, contributes creatively wherever she can and help organize the editorial calendar.

  • Photographer and Photo Editor

The day-to-day involves scheduling shoots; scouting locations,meeting and photographing subjects, kaking selects and editing images.

  • Visual Assistant

She designs, illustrates, makes collage, paints, make props, researches imagery and brainstorms visual directions that will best express the stories on site.

  • Social Media Editor

She is responsible of  MR’s social media platforms, she takes care of all the posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter that you see.

So as you may have noticed there are lots of different careers behing a blog that started from a single person and that now it has turned into a business. If you are aiming to make your blog a business you should consider hiring some people that will help you to develop and run your own business.

What do you think about? Did you know that there are all these people behind Man Repeller? Leave your comments below

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