A Homemade scrub that has completely changed my legs

Your legs will born again! Say goodbye to cellulite and hello to moisturized, exfoliated and super soft legs

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Hello girls!

Today I want to share with you a super easy homemade scrub for legs . It’s summer time so our legs are always exposed, that’s why in June I’ve started doing once a week a homemade scrub that moisturizes and makes the legs super soft , exfoliates and that is also perfect to combat cellulite. 3 benefits from one natural homemade scrub! I’m totally addicted with this scrub and I’ve completely eliminated all the other products for the body because I think that this really works and it also made with natural ingredients that you always have at home.

What you need :


  1. Coffee Grounds : Caffeine is the ingredient that reduces the appearance of cellulite,tightens and provides antioxidants to the skin.
  2. Sugar to exfoliate the skin
  3. Olive oil will moisturize your skin and it makes the scrub more creamy so it’s gentle when you apply it on your legs.

Let’s prepare this homemade scrub with coffee, sugar and olive oil



Put the coffee grounds into a cup and measure a spoon of sugar



Add the sugar to the coffee ground

STEP 3 legs-scrub-coffee-sugar-olive.oil

Add half spoon of olive oil to the coffee and sugar that you have already mixed into the cup

STEP 4 home-made-scrub-legs

Mix together the coffee, the sugar and the olive oil  and your scrub is ready! If it is too fluid you can add some extra sugar  or add extra oil if you want it more liquid.

STEP 5 coffee-scrub-legs

Apply it with circular motion on wet legs. I really suggest you to apply it in the shower because some of the scrub could drop on the floor. Just add a little bit of water on the legs and then close the water. Massage the legs with circular movements for about 5 min and then rinse everything off with only water.

Your legs will soon be super soft, exfoliated and moisturized!

You can apply it once a week and you’ll really see the difference .

Leave me your comments below and tell me what do you think about this homemade scrub and tell me about your results using it 🙂

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