How the street style started

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If when we talk about Street Style you think of Scott Schuman you have understood what we are talking about, but you have to know that it wasn’t the first Street Style Photographer!

The Street Style “father” is Bill Cunningham. The man who rides a bike and takes photos around Manhattan.  He started the Street Style photos! Bill Cunningham

The first photos of Bill Cunningham were published on December 30, 1978 on The New York Times  ”57th and Fifth: A Holiday Magnet for the World”. According to his editor ,Arthur Gelb, this was an incredible news because it was the first time that famous people were photographed without their permission!

Over the years the concept of street style has evolved.

During 2005 Scott Schuman left his fashion work to dedicate himself to its biggest passion , so he started to combine fashion and photography in a new way. He took (and still take) photos of people during everyday life, without a pose or a stylist, it’s all about spontaneity, the style of real people. He started The Sartorialist that today is one of the biggest Street Style blog. Scott-Schuman

People were interested in this new kind of fashion photos.

Schulman started making money when brands such as Gap, OVS and America Apparel asked him to be the photographer of their campaigns.

Street style has still evolved and today Street Style is related to Fashion Week

Street Style photographers are focused on blogger and fashion icons trying to catch the best shot of details and extravagant outfits during Fashion Weeks.

Personally I A-D-O-R-E Street Style! It is a source of inspirations , it reflects what we really want to wear and not what a stylist or a trend tell us to .

I think that the most interesting photos are taken during fashion week because during these events you are able to see some of the most extravagant outfits , accessories and shoes that you don’t wear everyday to go to work but that are so amazing . Anyway I also love the authentic Street Style, the photos of real people during everyday life because you can see something that is more real

So I believe that a good street style blog should contain both sides of street style, the ones that portrays fashion icons and blogger with more whimsical looks and details, and the ones that portrays a mother or a girl who is going to work or to the park.

What do you think about Street Style?

Do you like most photos of blogger and fashion icons or photos of “normal” people ?

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