How to become a Full-Time Professional Fashion Blogger

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how to become a professional full-time fashion blogger Are you ready to take your blog to the next level or are you thinking to start a new one and treat it like a business from the beginning?

So you need to follow these tips to become a full-time professional fashion blogger


Before you even consider going pro, develop a high-level of self-discipline. Blogging for a living means having the freedom to do what you want when you want. So, there are also tons of distraction. You need to create a dedicated timeframe for productivity to be successful. Planning is the best way to do this.

Be Professional Always

For yourself and for the others try to be professional from the beginning. For you because you’ll be more motivated that this is not an hobby but your job and for the other, because brands who work with bloggers never just work with one single blogger. They’re usually working with a pool of influencers, which means you want to make sure you stand out as a professional content creator. Deadlines are important, set yours and respect the ones with the brands. Also, a Media Kit is what you need to look professional, so make a great impression with brands and create your Media Kit. If you want, I’ve launched a service and I can help you to create your own media kit to stand out and make money with your blog.

Reinvest in Your Business

When you finally start making money from your blog, don’t use it to splurge on designer goods ( I know, you’ll think that you earned that amazing bag that you’ve always wanted, but don’t do this at the beginning). Reinvest your earnings into your business. Whatever you’re going to buy with that money, think, “Will this purchase elevate and improve the quality of my blog?” Plus since the cash flow is never consistent when blogging you need to save a portion of those earnings.

Set up a business entity and study the laws

If you’re serious about becoming a legitimate business, you need to set up a business entity whether that’s a sole proprietorship, LLC, or partnership. Plus today there are many rules that a blogger must respect, like adding AD for the sponsored content or about the copyright when you use images from other websites. Do your homework and study all these things. You may know and ask other bloggers or hire an expert.

Stay Organized

As a blogger, you’ll have expenses like products (clothing, makeup products…) to create content, office supplies, camera, lenses, travels. I suggest you to create an excel file and track all your expenses and your income ( as a blogger you’ll make money from various streams like sponsored posts, Instagram collaborations, and affiliate links) too. So when it’s time to file taxes, you’ll have everything ready to go. 

Improve yourself constantly

Take the best photos, write your best posts, create the best content ever and improve your blog design. You need to be mindful of constantly raising the bar and creating better and more work overtime. Think about investing in something to improve the quality of your work, especially when working with brands, try to create the best content possible to work with them again in the future.

What do you think about? Do you have any other tips? What level is your blog?

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