How to boost your fashion blog earnings during fashion week

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New York Fashion Week is around the corner! Let's boost your earnings!

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Fashion Week is a great period to boots your earnings as fashion blogger. This fashion focused period inspires everyone. People are all inspired by  streetstyle stars, influencers, fashion bloggers, fashion editors and models that’s why they are more willing to buy.

Unless you’re paid by brands to attend event, fashion shows or to wear clothes during fashion week, the best way to make money during this period is with affiliation. You can use affiliation programs like Reward Style that allows you to add links to your posts and social media and to make money when someone buy directly from your links. That’s why the best way to boost your fashion blog earning during fashion week is to share lots of contents and to add lots of affiliation links.

You should take this opportunity to make more money with your fashion blog.  

Let’s see how together

If you are attending fashion weeks :

  1. Share your fashion week outfits on your blog using affiliation links generated with Reward Style. You defintely need to  share your images on Instagram and Instagram stories and make them shoppable too with Liketoknowit the tool that let you link products to your instagram photos. People who like the photo will receive an email with the details and the links to shop the products you related to your instagram pic .
  2. Create a vlog of your fashion week days and conclude it by adding relevant products with affiliate links
  3. Combine your streetstyle photos with affiliate products to improve your earning

If you’re not attending the shows :

  1. Create shoppable posts related to the looks of the catwalk. You could write a post about your favorite fashion week looks and suggest related products
  2. Share your favorite streetsyle photos (remember to mention the source of the photo you’re adding in your posts ) and add affiliation links. You can share your favorite streetstyle looks also on instagram stories and add the links to the products.
  3. Create a vlog where you comment the show and the streestyle looks when watching them in live streaming from your couch. You could create a sort of video report and add related products to the videos.

For both cases it’s a must to add the hashtags so that more and more people will discover your photos and your blog.

These are some suggested hashtags that you could use

#fashionweek #nyfw #streetstyle #outfit #outfitideas #fashionblogger #newyorkfashionweek #liketoknowit

What do you think about? Do you have any suggestions about making money with your fashion blog during fashion weeks ? Leave me your comments below

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This post was originally posted in February and updated now

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