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Twitter is one of the best social media for our business, it can bring lots of traffic to our blog and we can reach lots of people to make our business known .

To use Twitter in a business way, we have to set up a strategy to make this social efficient and reach our goals.

Twitter is one of the most active social network and a tweet lives 12 minutes more or less, so we have to update it constantly that’s why we will use tools that will help us to build a strong strategy that will work for our business without being always connected 😉

Let’s find out how to build a successful twitter strategy that will work for your blog/business

1. Set your goals 

What do you want to get from Twitter? Blog traffic, sales, followers? Set up your goals and divide them for months and weeks . For example if we want to get 10.000 followers in 2 months we can divide this goal : 5.000 followers per month —> 1250 followers per week .

Short-term goals make us stay concentrate  to get them more easily!

Remember to measure and analyze the progress of your strategy to correct and improve it 😉

2. Create contents

What to post on Twitter?

  • Tweet your posts’ and products link with a short description and use also the Twitter Chat for a call-to-action
  • Retweet other posts that may be interesting for your followers
  • Tweet about news of the moment and don’t forget to use hashtags ( only 2-3 more relevant)
  • Famous quotes are easily retweeted so find those related to your contents and post them 3 a week.

Whatever you tweet about try to always add the image to make your tweet much more visible. You can create images with Canva or Photoshop or you can use photos from your blog or your shop.

3. Schedule your Tweets

Use Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your tweet . You will need half an hour a day to schedule the tweets of the next day in order to be always active on the social network without being always connected . Contents are fundamental to reach your goals so  prepare them everyday .

4. Join Twitter Chats

In this way you can make yourself known to people who have similar interests and that will certainly be more interested to follow you. Find relevant chats and join them 🙂 I suggest you to join at least one chat a week.

5. Create your own Twitter Chat

After you understand how a twitter chat works and evolves  you can create your own 🙂 Start a chat about a topic you know, share this event on your blog and start a conversation with other people 🙂

Start building your successful twitter strategy today 🙂

I’ve prepared a Free Worksheet to help you to build a successful Twitter strategy! You will love it !

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