How to find the perfect foundation color for your skin tone with sephora ‘s color IQ

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The foundation is the most used and most important makeup product, it can  uniform your skin tone, hide any imperfections and make our skin looks perfect ! Unfortunately, it’s also able to make our face unwatchable if we choose the wrong color (too dark or too light).

By the time we’ve learned how to find the perfect foundation color trying it directly on our face or neck, to choose the best color that fit our skin tone . However, in spite of this you could not get the perfect shade, there are thousands of colors and lights that may change the color of the foundation, the color may look perfect when you try it in stores but as soon as you are at home you notice that it’s not so perfect as it’s seemed  foundation1

Sephora + Pantone Color IQ, a technology that can identify our skin color can really  help us to find the perfect foundation color .

How does this work?

They take 3 photos of our skin (forehead, cheek and neck) and once our Pantone color is revealed we can add the code of the color on the iPad in store that will provide a list of all the foundations that respect our color .The search for the perfect foundation color  is finally over!

In Italy, unfortunately, this has not arrived yet, but I’m really curious to test it! In the meantime, we will use the usual low-tech methods to find the perfect color of foundation!

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