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Before the Holiday we suggested you five things to do to relax and get ready for 2018 to start the new year afresh.

Now 2018 is there; you have no excuse to procrastinate and fill in the 2018 goals template I created for you (if you didn’t download it yet, you can do it clicking on this link. You will find a form to fill at the end of the post to receive your template). Writing your goals down helps achieving them throughout the year hence why I advise you to print the template and put it where you can see it every day.

Everyone has different personal and professional goals but we all have one in common: improve ourselves and do everything in our power to reach our definition of success. Working on yourself is the only way to reach what we set.

Here are four things you can immediately start doing to improve your career for the new year.

Taking a new course each month

On your road to success, you will meet many obstacles, and the best way to tackle them is to learn. If you really want to improve yourself, studying is your best option. One useful aim for the new year could be taking an online class each month. You can pick the subjects you are interested in or choose some linked to the sector you are working in. You can study further to get better at your hobby, learn a new language, take a class on blogging or any other subject. It will take you few hours a week; then online courses are convenient because you are the one deciding when it is the best for you to study. Not only you will feel empowered intellectually, but on a personal level, you will feel satisfied.

Improve your CV

If you are looking for a new job, use the new year as an opportunity to update your CV content and graphics. We explained how to write a CV that works for a fashion company and joined to it a free CV template you can download and fill in using Word.

Read business books

Entrepreneurs stories and above all female ones are an excellent source of inspiration, here is why reading some is an eye-opener on how to behave at work and making decisions. These books are not only for you future entrepreneurs, but there are also for you employees of a company who want to give the best of themselves. And in all aspect, reading a book a month is good for your brain.


Take some time each month to meet new people. In an industry like fashion, networking is fundamental. You can go to events, use Instagram or spend time on Linkedin to widen your net and meet new people.

What are your goals and what do you expect from 2018?

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