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We discuss about the fashion industry in the fashion business section of the blog. We cover everything from how to find a fashion job, the brands’ stories, the careers of the fashion industry and some advices and career tips.

In this post I’ll will give you 4 tips to make it in the fashion industry, because you know, this business it’s so cool and glamour that everyone wants to work in it, so the competition is really high. But here I’m to help you to make it.

Let’s start

Become well informed of the industry 

Buy a book and study to start understanding how does the fashion business work. In this way you’ll get to know what are the different careers in this industry and then you can figure out what is the one you could be more interested in and the one that best fits your education.

Show you are to right one

Every brands is looking for a great assistant or intern. Just prepare a great CV and an intelligent cover letter .  The cover letter is what will make you stand out from the crowd so make it really personal and relevant to the job you’re applying for. Don’t send the same cover letter to everyone.

It’s competitive but don’t give up

Once that you have finally found what it’s the right path and you’re confident with this, don’t give up. The fashion industry is so competitive but don’t lose your vision. If you think that that is the right role for you don’t give up when the first people will tell you no. Also remind that another job which is related to yours can led you to the one you want. Once that you have started working you’ll have a clearer vision and you are closer to the role you want to get.

Be professional and be ready to work hard

This is a really creative and glamour industry but it’s always a business and like every business you need to work hard. People are looking for yes creative, but also intelligent people. Plus it’s a really fast industry so you’ll need to work really hard to keep up with it.


Do you work in fashion? Have any questions? Leave your comments below

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