How to plan contents for your fashion and beauty blog

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How to plan contents for your fashion and beauty blog


There are tons of blogs out there but not all of them can make a business from it and those that can achieve this status have one amazing secret : planning.

Planning is in fact a successful factor for a blog and maybe the most important one.

You have surely read on every blogs out there and books that the secret for a successful blog is the content : content is king. You need to have a strategy and a plan in order to have a great content and be sure to post constantly ( another fundamental point for a successful blog).

When planning you will create your own strategy. You can decide to post every day, twice a week or how many times you want but be sure to respect that day. If you decide to post three times a week choose the days and post every week the same days. Readers will know your posting days and get used to them so he expects content from you that days.

After that you have decided the posting days it’s time to think about your post ideas.

Planning is also a great way to analyze if your content is harmonious: you don’t want to talk about pizza and about makeup the following day. You need to focus on your topics and planning is the perfect way to see if your blog will have a consistent strategy.

How to plan your contents?

I suggest you to create an excel sheet, one for each month with the days and compile each day with your post ideas. You may want to create different topics, for example I write about fashion, beauty, blogging and career. I usually tend to post blogging posts on Monday and Wednesday, fashion posts on Tuesday, career on Thursday and beauty on Friday. You can create a similar scheme for your content. This will give an order to your content and it will be easier for you organize everything. I also add an image to every post, even if I don’t have already took the photos I search on Pinterest and I use that images just to have an idea of the visual of the post. This will help you to create a great visual also for you social media, especially Instagram and it will be easier for you when taking photos because you have clear in your mind what photos you want for each post.

In order to have a successful blog you need to plan also your social content that needs to be coherent with your blog posts.

I add also a line on the excel sheet for each social channel and I put inside the content. You should have to plan in advance your social contents.
I use buffer for Facebook and Twitter, Planoly for Instagram and I post on Pinterest during lunch break or before sleeping at night.

You know that I’ve started a social media challenge to grow blog traffic, you can start this too with me and see if it works.

Are you ready to boost your blog? Start planning from today 😉

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  • I’m all about using excel sheets to brainstorm, plan, create and keep track of my content as well. I used to use a paper planning system but since I’ve swapped to planning it all through excel I find it so much easier to keep track!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • Hi Julia!Yes! I’ve started using it at work for everything and now I’m also using it for my blog, I have an excel sheet for everything now!

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