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If you dream about getting a job at Vogue you already know that this could look as the most glamorous job in the world but of course because of that, lots of girls would like to get it. This means that Vogue’s HR receives thousands of resume every day, so what can you do to stand out of the crowd and being considered to get that dream job?

Some Vogue editors have opened up about advices on how to create a cover letter that will be brilliant and as good that they could not but call you for an interview at Vogue.

I’ve summed up and reported here the tips for you below.

The perfect cover letter should be and explain these points:

  • Well targeted to the role in question → do not send the same cover letter to all the job positions, just make sure that this that you are emailing is written for that specific job position
  • Explain why your skills are perfect for the job, just don’t mention what you’re good at but tell them why you can be useful for them
  • Show off your enthusiasm for the role and highlight your most exciting or relevant accomplishments
  • Don’t simply list the same old information from your resume
  • Good spelling and grammar are a must
  • Shows understanding of the industry and job
  • Pay attention to the layout of the cover letter: clean design, good font etc

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