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Some years ago magazines, commercials and word of mouth were the best advertising solutions. Starting a new brand meant years of research, market analysis, planning, production. Finally, once the product was ready, the last long stage of Marketing could start.

Today magazines have been replaced by blogs and websites, and the commercial advertising by the social media marketing so launching a brand has become easier and faster.

We are all constantly connected, whether for work or personal reasons, we spent 3 hours each day on Instagram and Facebook, so we are exposed to information all the time. It’s not necessary anymore to wait for the newscast to know what’s happening in the world neither to wait for the commercial video to know about a new product. It’s enough to follow a brand on Instagram to know what’s happening or when a new product will launch even before it’s ready.

We all know the story of Glossier, the beauty digital brand founded by Emily Weiss.

Instagram has become the perfect place to launch your own business Especially if you start a beauty business and take care of your profile and turn it into the strategic nerve of your brand.

If you’re thinking of developing a new product targeting  Millennials or launching a new brand, you must be sure that it’s Instagrammable to be successful. Everyone, from your sister to bloggers and fashionistas, has an Instagram profile and is just waiting for the next cool must-have product that will make the perfect flat lay to publish on a story.

The reason why most of beauty brands decided to introduce sheet masks in their range of products is because they are easily shareable on Instagram. Once you have in mind your perfect Instagrammable product, it’s all about marketing it on the app every single day. Investing into another advertising method is not as effective as Instagram, for sure you won’t have the same Return on Investment. Instagram is way more efficient and low cost compared to all the other advertising solutions. Think about the organic engagement that you can get for free: using the right hashtags, liking, commenting and following other accounts. People will start noticing your brand and your product without you spending any money. Then, if you really want to give your brand a boost, playing with some Influencer Marketing or some Instagram Advertising will definitely give you great results. You can really make your brand successful just using Instagram strategically.

Such an exposure means that a lot of people are following many brands, so it can be tough but, if you learn and study how to use Instagram strategically you will make the difference despite the competitors. Before Instagram, it took a lot more for a beauty brand to become famous and being on the shelves of  Sephora was the best thing that could happen to your brand. But now, all you need is an E-commerce site and an efficient Instagram strategy to take your brand to the next level and start selling your products straight after launching them.

What do you think about? Do you only follow and buy products from established beauty brands or do you follow and like also new beauty brands that you have discovered through Instagram?

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