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In the fashionable world of today, we see a lot of stuff we don’t agree with from the big companies we know and love, and when it comes to buying from them we can feel guilty. That leaves a space for entrepreneurs with different ideas in mind to service those of us looking to shop with a difference, and one of the best places to do this is in the fashion industry. People like to flock to those with an ethical or future forward viewpoint, and it isn’t hard to craft something from the ground up with that in mind. If you know you can really make a difference with your fashion brand or store, then you’re guaranteed to be in it for the long haul amongst your customer base.

Fashion is incredibly important to everyone on the planet, so take your clothing the extra mile with a couple of tips.

Market Your Differences

If people see something that reminds them many big brands turn to sweatshops and child labor, they’re more likely to turn on their heel and shop somewhere else, even if only for a short time. Say you only hire local talent to make your clothes or design the artwork that goes on them; make sure you spread pictures of this in action across your social media

Send out a tweet every time you donate some money to the charity of your choice, and in your promotional emails and adverts, remind potential customers where some of their money will be going for a bit more goodwill among your target population. If you donate something other than money, like a free lunch every time a sale is made, let people know the process of this when they sign up to your mailing list.


Maximise on Your Products

If you donate some of the profits from every sale to a charity or the local homeless shelter, for example, you’re going to want to make more and more sales. But often smaller shops and brandlines only have a few items for people to browse through at their leisure, and that seriously closes the pool for you to keep loyal customers and hampers your effort to make a difference.

You’re going to need to invest more money in what you create as a result. Use some funding from to make sure you can turn out as many products as you can, whether that’s extra stock of what you already have or to innovate new pieces. Paying your workers more because of a job well done is just an added bonus. Giving people more choice to buy something from an ethical brand means you’re a different business in a sector that has the most startups on the market.

Having a more altruistic purpose to your fashion business means people can be comfortable wearing their clothes. This generation’s mindset is all about giving back, so give customers more ability to shop ethically amongst the bigger companies that offer the same old.

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