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I’m inspired by young, career girl who launched their own business. Whatever it is, a blog, a beauty line, a fashion start-up or a stationery shop, each business is interesting and even more if started from young girls!I think that we can all learn from all these empowering career girls, that’s why I want to share their amazing and inspiring stories here with you.

Today let me introduce you Alex, blogger at WhatAlexWears and contributor at HELLO! . She quit her full-time job recently and decided to be a full-time blogger but still writing a fashion or beauty post for HELLO!

Read my interview below with all the secrets behind being a fashion blogger,including, going full-time, growing Instagram followers and blog traffic, her beauty routine and favorite pieces in her closet right now.

How and why did you start blogging?

In 2015, I started sharing my outfits on Instagram as a few people were interested to know where I had bought things from. It just grew from there – I started taking pictures of nearly all my outfits and it seemed to resonate well with other girls!

You recently quit your full-time job to become a full-time blogger, what do you think is necessary for a blogger to have achieved before quitting the job and blogging full time?

I think contacts are really important. You have to know people in the industry who you can maybe ask for help or who are going to support you on your new adventure. You also need to have enough traffic/followers to know that you have a good reach and brands will want to collaborate with you.

Which advices do you have for bloggers to ask for and find collaborations with brands?

I am perhaps not the best person to ask on this on because I never ask for collaborations with brands… I have good relationships with people and I trust that if they love what I do, they will approach me to work with me. I think organic is best and if you make sure the content you’re creating is amazing and it is resonating with people, collaborations will eventually follow.

Now that you are a full-time blogger you are your own boss, do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year and long term?

I’m currently working on time management! For some reason, I’m busier now than when I had a full-time job! So I need to really get everything in hand and focus on creating as much content as possible. That bit can be hard when your days are full of meetings and you’re doing a lot of travelling.

Your tips to grow blog traffic and Instagram followers

It’s so cliche but I honestly just think it’s so important to create as much amazing content as possible. People have all sorts of tips and tricks on attracting new followers but that really is the best way to do it as other brands and Instagram ‘inspo’ accounts will pick up on your good work and share it.

What’s your typical blogger day like?

Lots of meetings! I also still write for HELLO so I do about one article a day for them. I try and shoot as much as possible, although I find that difficult on days when I’m just not feeling great!

I also spend quite a bit of time sorting through beauty products I’ve received – that’s definitely a fun part 😉

Your beauty and makeup routine

I also do a full face of make up! My mum always tells me to put my face on and I feel weird if I go out bare-faced! I wear a lot of Urban Decay make-up – their Perversion mascara and eyeliner is SO good – and wear BareMinerals lip stains.

3 favorite pieces in your closet right now

A good bardot top – they’re so flattering, a pair of Alexander McQueen platform trainers that you will never not catch me in and a Reiss leather jacket.

Which advices would you give to people who want to start this journey?

The market is pretty full and saturated so know that it is not going to be easy, but if you have a real talent for creating content and/or styling, you’re in with a good shot if you put your absolute all into it! Oh and be nice to everyone you meet. I can’t emphasise this enough, it’s so important. Good luck!!

Thank you Alex for this interview, you can find more about Alex on her blog WhatAlexWears .

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