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If you’re taking seriously your blog, one of the most important thing you need to have if you want to collaborate with brands and make some money is the Media Kit.

A media kit is a document you put together that provides prospective collaborators everything they want to know about working with you. The media kit is your chance to convince the brands to collaborate with you. Consider it as your blog’s CV. It must be clear and synthetic so that people when reading it can soon understand your blog’s strengths and what you are able to do for them. Regardless of whether you have 300 or 100,000 followers, a media kit is the one thing that can truly set you apart. Your ultimate goal is to give your business publicity – and of course, generate more money.

The Media kit can really make the difference between your blog and all the others out there.

Today there are lots and lots of blogs, the competition is really tough. Having a polished and professional media kit will give you an edge over other bloggers with a similar audience because it gives you the chance to really highlight where you provide value. This in turn helps potential sponsors recognize that value. Plus having a Media Kit shows the brands that you’re professional. There are lots of blogs out there but most of them cannot make a living out of them because they don’t understand the potential of a media kit.

When you approach brands for a collaboration you must attach your media kit. This can really boost your blog’s reputation.

What information do you need to add in your media kit

  1. The logo of your blog
  2. A collage with the best photos of your blog  (make sure you include only your photos and not photos from other blogs). This is probably one of the most important part. Photos are everything these days so make sure you add the images that show the brands what you’re able to do.Potential sponsors, collaborators, and brands definitely want to know who they’re working with so you should always include also an image of yourself.
  3. A description of your blog, your categories and what your blog is about.
  4. Some information about who you are, where you are from, your background…
  5. Blog traffic (page views, unique visitors) and some information about your audience (age, gender, countries)
  6. Social media followers
  7. If you have already worked with any brands you can list your collaborations
  8. If you have been featured in any well-known publications you can add this information too.

Make sure you have a good and nice template, so do not prepare a simple white work page. Keep it always professional but make it yours.

With so many things happening on the daily, it can be hard to remember what you’ve actually achieved. Creating and maintaining a media kit helps you manage your own business – it’s equivalent to upkeeping your resume. When brands ask you for it, you’ll always want to make sure you have it ready to go. And while you’re at it, you should be providing them with the most relevant, up-to-date data, which means you’ll be updating this document every few months as you complete projects and grow your audience.

I’m here to help you with this, I can create for you your custom Media kit Tailor-Made for you blog. You won’t have to waist time to learn Photoshop or to decide which metrics you want to insert in your Media Kit to get a collaboration with brands. I’ll help you to find out what are the best statistics and I’ll create for you a professional Design


You decide the colors, provide me with your blog’s logo (if you have one), answer to some questions and just wait for the PDF to be ready in 1-3 business days! I’ll analyze your blog and prepare for you the most  effective and beautiful, professional media Kit ever!

Leave me your comments below if you have any questions.


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