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Owning A Fashion Brand

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Let’s be clear, right from the outset: owning your own fashion brand, and the creative outlet that this affords you, makes all of the realities below 100 percent worth it.

However, it is important to discuss the less-than-glamorous realities of creating your own fashion brand. Of course, it’s wonderful that you want to spend time thinking about cuts, colours, styles, and trends– but you have to spare time to think about the base facts of running a business.

Fashion is a notoriously competitive industry; the strength of your designs is important, but running a sustainable business behind the garments is even more vital. By acknowledging these realities — tough though they may be to hear — you move from dreaming of your own fashion brand, and into a realm where such an endeavour so is a viable prospect for your life.

So, without further ado, here are the realities that running your own fashion brand can present.

#1 – You’ll Spend A Lot Of Time Online

It’s fair to say that the modern business world demands that entrepreneurs have to spend a lot of time online. The internet is where you will nurture your social media presence; where you will source your fabric and accessory supplies; the platform that allows you to pair with influencers to promote your products. You’re going to have to be ready and willing to spend a large portion of your working life online, so if this doesn’t appeal, then your own fashion brand may not be the right choice for you.


#2 – You Will Need Help

The garments you can likely manage for yourself, especially in the early days when you’re starting small. However, there are other areas of your business where you are going to need help– so that you can focus on the fashion itself, the area where your skillset truly lies. You will likely need to outsource marketing to reputable agencies; IT to experienced suppliers such as Prosyn; and graphic design to freelancers who can help you build your online reputation. All of the costs for this outsourcing expertise need to be included in your business plan, so obtain quotes as soon as possible so you can forecast accurately.


#3 – It’s Hard Work

This is perhaps the one truth where people fall down regarding starting their own fashion brand. The idea sounds so good, so enchanting… they forget that a lot of work, the formation of an entirely new small business, is involved. The most successful designers are the ones that were willing to spend hours working on every aspect of their designs, finding their own style, and then still having enough energy leftover to make decisions regarding marketing, IT, and advertisements. If your motivation is strong enough, you should be able to cope with the work demands– just ensure you’re mentally ready for how intense the process may be.

Of course, as stated in the opening paragraph, all of the above will be absolutely worth it. There’s nothing quite like building a business, a brand, from your own creativity and love of fashion. If you can accept the above realities, then you can be sure there are no nasty surprises coming your way– and your brand can flourish as a result.

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