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Good morning girls!

Let’s start this post saying that I wrote it twice since WordPress has completely eliminated my post when it was ready -.-

So today I want to share with you what I usually do when I have a me day or also called pampering day. Everyone should have at least a day off when you just sit, relax and do everything that you like watching some tv, reading some books and magazines and doing some beauty treatments. This day is really important and will help you to charge yourself and feel more motivated and inspired the following days . Sunday is usually my pampering day. I try to save 2 Sunday each month to do all the things that make me feel cuddled and relaxed.

I usually love to wear comfy clothes all day, drink some greet tea in robe after a shower, light candles, cook a cake, read some of my favorire magazines, watch some of my favorite movies, look for some inspirations on weheartit and play with some beauty treatments :

During this day I apply a nose mask to remove dark spots, an eye mask that will illuminates my eye area and to finish a face mask. To complete this beauty routine I usually like to spray all over my face a little bit of thermal water. With all these little things my face is smoother, clean and bright and I soon feel mentally better 🙂


While I have my masks on I usually just stay on the couch with closed eyes and I relax or I do something else like reading some magazines or doing my nails ( I will soon publish a post with my homemade manicure )


During my pampering day my shower last longer and I apply my homemade scrub on my legs and to finish some body cream.



Taking care of yourself can really help you to feel better not only physically for the treatments that you apply but especially mentally.

What do you usually like to do during your pampering day? Leave me your comments below 🙂


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