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Panda's Dream So Cool Eye Stick

There are some products that you fall in love because they work perfectly for your skin and some others that you love for other reasons. Like my love for this product the Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick from Tony Moly (this is not a sponsored post) . The brand describes this product as a cooling eye cream that helps to remove puffiness and revitalizes your tired eyes with its cooling effect. So since I needed a product that helps me to reduce dark circles and since I often have tired eyes but most of all because of its too cute packaging I bought this product a month ago.

Panda's Dream So Cool Eye Stick

Even if this is not the most useful beauty product (I used more efficient eye contour products) I’m still using it every night before bed and in the morning before my makeup but also during the day on my makeup when my eyes feel tired (usually after lots of hours in front of a pc).

Panda's Dream So Cool Eye Stick

I’m obsessed with this Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick and I don’t know why it precisely, it’s not the product of my life but I like it, surely because of the packaging but I also totally love that cool and fresh sensation that it gives when you apply it under the eyes, I do truly feel better after that I apply it, its really funny and it gives me the feeling (probably just a psychological factor conditioned by the packaging too cute and the momentary freshness that releases) that my eyes are less tired. So this is my latest beauty obsession (and it’s also really cheap 😀 ) . I’ve recommended this also to my mom 😀

Panda's Dream So Cool Eye Stick

SHOP the Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick  HERE :


Have you ever tried this product? What do you think about? Leave me your comments below and tell me also what’s the beauty product that you’re obsessed with at the moment 🙂

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