Qualities that you need to have if you want to work in fashion according to 6 experts

What Rachel Zoe, Lauren Conrad and Rebecca Minkoff are looking for when hiring

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There are lots of people who wants to work in fashion, this means that the competition is really high and moreover today there are lots of schools and courses that teach you the theory and prepare yourself to be the best in your position. Once that you have finished your school and masters you must get involved so when you all have the same education what makes the difference between people and why do people hire you instead of your friend even if you both attended the same school? Specific qualities and personal characteristics can make a difference and be decisive to be hired.

Quindi quali sono le qualità che cercano nel mondo della moda quando devono assumere? Ecco le opinioni di 5 persone influenti , da Rachel Zoe alla designer Rebecca Minkoff e Lauren Conrad:

1.Stephanie Horton worked for Vogue and The New York Times and currently is Chief Marketing Officer at Farfetch:

“Smart, sense of humor, humble, really excited about the opportunity, great personality.”

2.Rebecca Minkoff designer of her own brand

“Entrepreneurial, creative, passionate, collaborative, and someone who takes initiative.”

3.Rachel Zoe designer and businesswoman

“Passion, enthusiasm, experience (quality over quantity), knowledge of my business, and, most importantly, someone who always smiles and has good energy. That really goes a long way. “

4. Sally Singer Creative Digital Director di Vogue.com 

“Curiosity, intelligence, passion, humor, and humility.”

5.Emily Current e Merrit Elliot le fondatrici dei brand Current Elliot e The Great e stylist di Jessica Alba

“Smart, resourceful, detail oriented, creative, forward thinking.”

6.Lauren Conrad 

When I am hiring a new employee, I look for someone who is hardworking, proactive, interested in the industry, qualified, and has a good attitude. I think they are all equally important.

What you think about? What are your experiences? Leave your comments below 🙂

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