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Last week was all about what to do to become a professional blogger and make it a full-time job.Today, I am talking about the third and most important point: investment.

Blogger is becoming one of the most popular profession at the moment. Flexible hours, the possibility to work wherever you want as well as collaborating with your favourite brands and travelling the world are some of the perks that makes blogging seem glamorous. No wonder then, some people consider this career easier than others and decide to go for it. But I can tell you that without passion and hard work none of the aforementioned is achievable. They say choose a job you love and you will never have to work. If you love what you do then yes, working will look easy. But if by easy you think posting one picture on Instagram will be your ticket to success and making a living, then you are wrong. Turning your blog into a business is not as seamless as it looks.

Ever wondered why that Instagram post from that blogger collaborating with a brand is getting thousands and thousands of likes? It is hard work! If you are not yet there and want to get those collaborations and followers it is time to invest.

Opening a blog is one of the simplest way to start a business and it is cost-free. But this obviously depends on what you want to do with it. Like getting an Instagram account, starting a blog has no cost, but there is blog and blog. An Instagram account with millions of followers means investment. And though there are people who managed to get there spending little money, it was back then. Nowadays, there are millions of blogs hence a saturated market hence the need to push yours. And don’t forget, content is key. There is no point in paying for visibility if you don’t have great content.

If you desire to amp up the quality of your blog and turn your hobby into your full-time job, here are some tips on the areas where you will need to invest.

  1. Domain and web hosting

If you want your blog to look professional, avoid URL like or and get your own first thing. To do so you will need a domain and a web hosting service to personalize your site and have it registered under and get a customed email like These seem like details but they are things that will get brands to consider you professional when contacting them. Pricing depends on the web hosting service you choose but it should be around 200€ a year.

  1. Design

In blogging, you judge the book by its cover that is why design is an extremely important part of it, so pay attention to its aesthetic. In your design process you will understand that simplicity is key. But for a more polished look you can personalize your blog or develop its design with a web designer. If you are on a budget, you can also opt for online theme costing around 40€. The best option is to get a designer but it will cost you more.

3. Products

As you already know, content is the most important part of your blog. Like they say content is king. Deciding to make a career out of blogging means every day is dedicated to your site, you won’t post one outfit or two posts per week. Creating more content requires new clothing, shoes and make-up.

4. Camera

Pictures are another necessary thing to make your blog stand out. These are also the faster way to get more followers on Instagram when people are sharing them. So be sure to invest in a great camera and lens to get these perfect images. Taking a photography or paying a photographer to help you are also nice options to get more quality content. Especially when collaborating with brands. Tagging a brand in your images could get you noticed, and even more so if your pictures are top-notch.

  1. HR

The more your blog grow, the more you need help. The people always involved in that process are often strategy consultant, accountant, assistant, copywriter, writer or photographer. If your blog is becoming a brand, start thinking about the right people who can help you develop it. Even if you are the main character on your site, teamwork is key. Though blogger Chriselle Lim constantly is the main subject of her Instagram and blog she still have a dedicated team supporting her. The same goes for Aimee Song of Song of Style and Chiara Ferragni. All the biggest sites have a team because that is what it takes to deal with a growing website and its management.

  1. The Media Kit

A Media Kit is mandatory to collaborate with brands. In this post I explained you the importance of having one. Moreover, I have recently launched a service to help you create the right media kit for your blog. I have started this service for everyone who is wondering what data and information to put in their media kit. I am here for who wants this tool to collaborate with brands or for those of you who don’t have time to be on Photoshop. With a media kit you will look more professional, meaning brands will want to pay you for your work.

7. Advertising

Content is king but shared content is even better. Put money on Instagram and Facebook to advertise this post you have worked hard on. Plan everything and schedule all your advertised posts so that they keep on feeding new followers.

8. Classes and books

Knowledge is the key to success so buy books, study the blogging market, its trends and take online classes about blogging. I did the same and keep on investing in formation that could be helpful for my business. There is always something to learn, so ditch that novel and do the work reading some business books.

Being a professional blogger is as tedious as building whatever business. Each company has their own issues but it is only hard work, passion and perseverance that give results. Time and experience will tell what are the best investments for your blog. For example, it could be that Pinterest works better for you than Instagram which will lead you to focus on this platform or; that your audience favours one type of content rather than another one so you will start producing more of it. It is an error and trial process, so test everything out and take the lead to correct what is wrong and improve what is already working to be where you want to be. But don’t forget that the process is long. Investment doesn’t mean spending a lot of money and then wait and see Gucci to contact you next month. You will need to wait one to two year before reaping what you sow.

Do the work 🙂


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