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The business of making money on Youtube

Since when in 2007 Youtube introduced a partner programme and anyone who opened a channel could make money from the videos ads that run before the content starts, something has changed. People who had a channel started making money from their videos and that was the moment when people started thinking about youtube not anymore as a hobby but as a career path. People who started the first channels were students who shared their passions for beauty, fashion, travel, food and lifestyle. At the top of their game there were some of the most famous Youtube Channels that started making tens of thousands of views and when the partner programme of YouTube started they started making money.

How to make money on YouTube and how much?

On YouTube you can make up to 5€ for every 1000 views so you could make 2.500€ from a single video that get 500.000 views, imagine how much you’ll make if you post videos regularly.

The best part of having a business on YouTube is that you are the our own boss, you’ll (and must ) learn how to manage a business, you’ll became a true entrepreneur and the best part is that you can make money doing what you love.

Video views are not the only way to make money, when you hit a big number of subscribers, (around 50.000 subscribers ) brands will reach to you and pay you to talk about their products in one of your video. Brands pay thousands and in some cases up to 10.000£ for one video.

You could also launch your own product related to your YouTube channel. If you have a beauty channel you can collaborate with brands in creating a capsule collection of you can also start your own beauty line. Sam and Nicole Chapman, the sisters behind the beauty channel Pixiwoo started their own makeup brushes line. In a interview Sam Chapman said that you need to get used to having a lot of small revenue streams rather than one big one, they have different making money options in.

Why brands are willing to pay for sponsored content?

Often Youtube videos reach more people than a TV ad and the videos are also more natural and effective because we do trust more people like us than the ads : it’s normal that a brand will promote its product as the best but what if our friend or our favorite youtuber recommend us a product that she has tried? We do trust them much more that’s why they’re more effective and brands know this.


What you need to do to start a successful YouTube channel?

The most important thing you need to do if you want to start a youtube channel is to do something different, something that’s unique, a reason why people should have to follow you instead of other youtubers.

To be successful on Youtube a golden rule is to be yourself and partner only with brands that you believe in because otherwise in the long term you will lose the trust of the people watching.

To build a loyal following you need to upload regurarly at least one video a week and be active daily on social networks especially on Instagram.

Are you ready to start your business on YouTube?What do you think about this business? Leave me your comments below 🙂

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