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Hello everyone!

We are working hard to take Glam Observer to the next level.

As you may have noticed I’m no more the only one who is writing and working for this blog which has now turned into a true website where you can find everything you need to know if you want to work in the fashion, beauty and blogging industry.

So today I’m proud to finally introduce you a new chapter: we are launching The Glam Observer Podcast!!!

I love listening to podcasts everywhere: on my way to the office, while cooking or tidying up and even on my exercise bike. It’s a super easy way to learn something just listening without staring at your screen or reading anything. And you can do it wherever you are, you just need your phone and an app.

So finally, we now have one too. This podcast is all about having great conversations with bloggers and people working in fashion and beauty to inspire and give tips and insights to whoever wants to work in these fields.

It’s only in English for the moment but we will have a summary of our conversations written out and translated into Italian for each podcast.

You can subscribe here on Itunes and for all those who do not have an iPhone, you can find it here on PodBean and on Souncloud here.

The first episode will be released soon! Stay tuned! We are super curious to know what you think about, leave your comments below

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