The n.1 secret to turn your blog into a business

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You have been blogging for a long time and you think that now it’s time to turn it into your daily job? Or are you thinking about starting a new one and make it directly your full-time business? There is a big massive secret that you need to know and to implement to turn your blog into a business.

Be a doer, don’t be only a dreamer.

We are all dreamers but to make our dreams come true we need to be a doer. We need to start getting things done. Dreaming about the results we want to achieve can help us to set high goals but, in order to achieve them, we need to do things. If for example you dream about turning your blog into one of the most famous in the world, dreaming is not enough, you need to work hard to make things happen. If now you think that this is just an inspirational quote that you have read several times in different posts, maybe knowing what the other bloggers are doing and how they have achieved their success can motivate you even more and can convince you that being a doer is the right path to become successful.

Just check out the profile of a blogger who has millions of followers and analyze what she posts. How many times a day? What timing? What kind of content? Bloggers who are already famous have achieved that status because they have done things, they have been a doer. If they have millions of followers is because they have posted several times a day consistently, they have worked hard to create the best content possible and to reach that amount of followers and then being able to monetized it.

How to become a doer?

Setting deadlines can really help you. Just put your dreams on a paper and set deadlines for each of it. This can help you to stay focused and be consistent with what you’re doing, plus setting up deadlines can help you to understand how your blog is going to evolve in the future, because if you’re thinking about turning it into your business you need to have both a short and long term plan.

What do you think about? What are your tips for turning a blog into a business?

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