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You know that almost a year ago me and Ivan moved to Milan because I had to attend a Master in Luxury and Fashion Management.

I decided to start this master because I love fashion and I love the business of this industry and I’ve wanted to be a part of it so after my degree in Management Engineering I decided to focus my knowledge in fashion and I opted for this master at Il Sole 24 Ore Business school.

It’s been almost 2 months since I went to my last lesson and I can honestly say that I’m happy and satisfied of my choice because I met amazing people and I learned a lot. I’ve grown up both professionally and personally during these months.

Se come me anche voi siete curiose di sapere come funziona l’industria della moda e sognate di lavorare per una grande azienda di moda o beauty allora vi spiegherò cosa si impara frequentando un Master in Luxury and Fashion Management.

If you like me are interested in knowing how does a fashion company works and if you dream to work in fashion or beauty you’re in the right place because I’ll tell you what you’re going to learn if you attend a master in luxury and fashion management.

  • How a fashion business works

A fashion business is not just glamour and beautiful clothes like we all see from fa runway or from the windows shop. Running a fashion company is really difficult and there are lots of people involved to make the final visible to everyone effect perfect and many departments and expertise : management, production, logistic, marketing, pr&communication, digital

  • The fashion careers

By attending a master in fashion and luxury management you can learn about all the different careers in fashion and find out that what each of it does, especially if like me you attend a master that includes 6 months of internship in order to complete it and get the Master certification, so to choose our own career path we did a focus on each different fashion careers to try to understand what is the best for every of us (this is definitely the most complicated part of the master).

There are many and different fashion careers ranging from the company’s CEO, the designers who work on the collection, there are some involved in the product development, the merchansider that give guidelines for the collection, the marketing department that deals with pricing strategies, promotion, distribution, the buyer busy with the purchase of collections, the visual merchandising and so on and so forth.

  • Numbers, numbers and numbers

From the first day they told us that we would have spent our days with Excel whatever fashion jobs and now after a month that I’ve started my internship I can say that they were totally right. This industry is as beautiful and fascinating as it’s complicated. I’ve found out that this industry is not made of tastes and it’s no everything about aesthetic , it’s moreover made of numbers that drive the fashion industry from the designer to the communication team .

If a collection is made of six jackets and three bags is not because the designer has decided so, but because before there were made analyzes base don numbers who gave the foundation for the creation of the new collection . There are many indicators (KPI)  that need to be studied and analyzed in the fashion word.

  • Working in teams is fundamental

During this master we did 3 project works for big well known fashion beauty and luxury brands. We were a class of 30 people and for each project works we were divided in teams so that each team has all the competences. There are several functions within a fashion company that’s why careers must be complementary to each other, just like we were divided in groups, in the company there will always be those who are the expert of numbers, those who are communication experts and the the creative minds. All these complementary pieces are essentials together to complete the puzzle of a fashion company.


These are in general the things that you learn by attending a Master in Luxury and Fashion Management . I did 6 months of lessons so I had the opportunity to deal in depth each fashion career and the various business processes so if you have any question or if you want more insight into some argument leave me a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer or to create a post according to your instructions 🙂


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