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Summer is officially here. You may be already on holiday or you’ll be soon travelling to your summer destination so I thought that a summer post could be the best option.

Summer is like the end of the year again and September looks like a second start of the current year so this is the best time to think about our resolutions.

It’s also that moment of the year when you have fun, relax and of course also think about the future. Whether you’re thinking about a changement about something personal or professional (a new job, starting your business, enroll in a new course ) this back to school period is usually the best one.

These are some of the things you can do to recharge yourself and get ready for new beginnings:


  • Unplug from everything

You need a couple of days away from the everyday routine. Disconnect from everything and just focus on yourself, after this period you will look at all the things in a different and more  rational way. If you are thinking about making a big decision take some days off and then reflect again about what are your plans, you’ll surely have a better vision and you’ll take better decisions

  • Read

You finally have the time to read the books that you bought and never had time to read. If you don’t have new ones you absolutely need to buy at least a book to read this summer. Books are usually an amazing source of inspiration and knowledge

  • Focus on your body

Despite is hot in summer we all feel more inspired to do some activities, walking at sunset, having a relaxing bike ride in the city, some beach sports, swimming, pilates or some yoga by the sea . Just divide your holidays days and hours properly and mix your lying period with some movements. You’ll see the results on your body but on your mind much more.

  • Learn something new

You can spend one hour a day to learn something new you’re passionate about.Cooking, Blogging, fashion, makeup, flowers, there are lots of online courses out there for all the topics.  You can enroll in one or more to learn what you have always wanted to know about.


What do you think about? What are your plans for the summer and for September? Leave your comments below

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