Tiffany & Co. Story explained in an infographic

Tiffany & Co. is the most prestigious jewelry brand . We all know it for the iconic blue box, for Breakfast at Tiffany’s , the flagship store on the 5th avenue and all the love stories ,both in reality and in the movies or books ,that includes the engagement rings .There is much more to the company . Since it was founded in 1837 , Tiffany & Co. has earned its status as an excellent and iconic American Brand . I went to the store on the 5th Avenue in New York last year. This was one of the most magical experience , there is really something special in the air of the store, I saw couples who were choosing their rings and lots of people (including me) that was buying the iconic pendant “Please return to Tiffany & Co. New York” ¬†because we all wanted a piece of that magic to keep with us forever .

I’ve created for you an infographic so that you can discover in an easy and fast way the story of Tiffany & Co.



What do you think about the infographic as a way to learn the story of the brands ? Let me know if you like it or not

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