We’re going to do more online shopping during this holiday season

Also find out which is the best day to do your online holiday shopping

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Holiday season is coming and November and December are the biggest shopping months of the year! Are you ready to start shopping for your holiday? Gifts for others and for ourselves and christmas decorations are on the top of our shopping list during these days and guess what? We’re going to buy more of that stuff online.

This year we’re going to spend $91,6 billion online, $9,1 billion more than 2015. This is what results from the Adobe report about the Holiday Online Shopping Predictions.

We’re going to spend $8.4 billion in just 3 days :

  • Thanksgiving day $2 billion
  • Black Friday $3.05 billion
  • Cyber Monday $3.36 billion

The holiday season starts earlier: 31% of us will start shopping even before November 1. We can find good discounts before the big event of the black friday weekend even if 25% of top products are sold during black friday .

People prefers to shop online for the lower prices, free shipping, product availability and variety and also because they can also shop from work.

According to the ADI survey we typically check an average of four to five website before making a purchase and even if we usually search for the perfect deal through our mobile devices we’re going to complete a purchase from our desktop (PC). Desktop conversion rate is 2.7x higher than smartphone.

According to the report the best source of online shopping deals during the holiday is email from a retailer, followed by ads .

Curious to know about the best day to buy ? Adobe has the answer :

We’re all ready to shop some new clothes on Nov. 22 😉

Anyway I want you to know that my fashion christmas ornaments are now available to purchase on The Glam Studio Shop on Etsy 🙂 

What do you think about? What are your best sites to have some online shopping??

Leave me your comments below 🙂

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