What to do during the weekend to boost your skin and prepare it for the week

Beauty cleansing steps to do during the weekend to have an amazing skin for the week ahead

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Having a beautiful skin with no imperfections is a every girl’s dream, that’s why we spent lots of money on beauty and skincare products.

The golden rule to have an amazing skin is the cleansing. Having a clean skin is absolutely the first and most important step that we must do every morning and especially at night to remove all the makeup and the impurities that have been accumulated during the day.

Even if we clean our face on a daily base, our skin needs a deeper treatment once a week.

Weekend is the perfect moment to take care of our skin because we have more time to do deeper and longer treatments. I do usually go to Sephora on Saturday or I but the products  online during the week to be ready for the weekend. I’ve being doing this for a month and I can really see the difference, my skin is revitalized, clean and with less imperfections and applying the makeup is easier and the result is great when you follow these steps once a week. 

So what to do during the weekend to boost your skin and prepare it for the week ?

  1. The first step is always exfoliating with a face scrub. The grains that a scrub contains allow making a deeper cleansing to remove dead cells and all the impurities that our skin have accumulated during the week due to polluted air, stress and makeup products. This step will revitalize your skin making it luminous and well cleaned.  It’s also fundamental to remove black spots and blemishes
  2. Nose mask – If you have black spots on the nose this is one of the best treatment that you can do at home to remove them. After the scrub apply the nose mask for 15 minutes and then remove it gently.
  3. Eye mask – The eye area is a very delicate one. If you care about your face skin but not about your eye area you’re doing it wrong. This area needs an accurate attention because it’s the first part where you’ll see signs of time and stress (aka dark circles and under-eye bags) . To make our eye area brighter and more rested we should apply an eye mask. You can apply it after the scrub and if you’re applying a nose mask you can do them both at the same time
  4. Face mask –  If you don’t want to use a nose or eye mask you can start this step as soon as you have finished your scrub. Today there are tons of masks for every skin type and every need: there are anti-blemish masks, detox masks, moisturizing masks, revitalizing masks, relaxing masks and so on so forth. You can alternate them, I prefer single-dose mask so to try a different one every week.

After removing the masks you should complete these steps by applying your daily face and eye cream and a lip balm.

My favorite products  :

You’ll soon feel more relaxed and happy and satisfied with your regenerated skin and ready for a new week.

What do you think about? Do you have a beauty routine that you follow every weekend? What are your favorite masks? Leave me your comments below

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