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The September issues are the most awaited, voluminous and full of content of the year. From Vogue to Glamour and Cosmopolitan, all the fashion magazines compete to have the best cover and the issue with the highest number of pages. But why the september issue is the most important?

September is like a new beginning, it marks the end of the summer, the back to school and back to work and for the fashion industry is even more important than the new year in January. It’s a big shopping time because we all want to transition our wardrobe from spring summer to fall winter and also the fashion weeks begin. The fashion industry gets the highest attention during this month and fashion brands and publishing companies know this that’s why they want to provide the reader the best content possible. This is the main reason why the September issue is the most important and voluminous of all. In 2012 the September issue of Vogue America had 910 pages of which 658 were advertising. The number of pages of the September issues represents the health state of a fashion magazine.

The cover of the September issue is the most important part of the magazine because it’s that detail that makes people buy the magazine, that’s why on the cover of the September issue there are usually important celebrities and influent people of the fashion industry. The editorial content of this issue is planned, studied and prepared months ahead (9-12 months before and the issue is compelted up to 3 days before the printing day)

“The September Issue” the documentary which Anna Wintour was the main characther shows the behind the scenes of the creation of the September issue of Vogue America and it has contributed to create the myth of the September issue.If you have still not seen it and you’re interested in understanding how a fashion magazine works I suggest you to watch it.

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