If You’re Bored At Your 9-5 Job, Watch This

Ok girls, it’s Tuesday and we all know that it’s even worse than Monday. Because on a Monday we have the weekend back, but on Tuesday we have Monday back and the entire week ahead. So if your tired, bored and already stressed I think that this cool video with the models singing, dancing and wearing cool work outfits will immediately change your mood of the day!

Take a pause from your excel sheet and watch this video made by Vogue which I think that it’s amazing!

I think that we should watch this ideo each morning while getting ready for the day, I guess that we will all feel more confident and walk in a different way to work.

The girls have all amazing outfits in this video and I was inspired and did a but of shopping, in case you’ll need some inspiration I’ve selected for you some cool pieces inspired by this video that you can shop to wear at work to feel super confident!

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