Surprise! Zara has an outlet store

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We all love Zara and this is not a news! I did two orders during these sale days and I guess that you did at least one too 😉

But Surprise! Zara has an outlet store! If you have ever wondered if there is a place where we can find all the Zara items but with prices averaging at around a third cheaper than Zara now thanks to Harper’s Bazaar we know that this place really exists.

The Zara outlet store is called Lefties. This outlet chain was initially launched by Zara owner Inditex in 1993 and now it seems that Inditex has plans to expand the outlet offshoot.

There are now more than 130 stores in total in Portugal, Mexico, Russia and Qatar but a recently refreshed website, glossy campaign and revamped shops (plus a reported hiring of new designers), points towards preparation for further international expansion 😉

I’m waiting for the opening of these Zara outlet stores here in Europe 😉

What do you think about this news?

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