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It is no secret that on Glam Observer, we are passionate about influencers. For this reason, we interview them and write articles on the phenomenon. Recently we talked about a new breed of influencers but this time I want to have a look at fashion influencers. Between 2007 and nowadays, fashion bloggers evolved. Some built a team to help them produce content while others use their influence through different mediums. Interestingly, some even post less on their blog, the place that made them famous, to focus on Instagram, Youtube or another venture.

There are tons of style bloggers and Instagrammers today, and if people enjoy seeing outfits, it isn’t enough anymore to drive engagement. Getting the likes is fantastic but having an engaged and interested audience is even more important. Most fashion influencers understood it and started changing their editorial line and strategy. Instagram stories were the catalyst for this shift. They gave the ability to influencers to not only present themselves more authentically but, poll their audience to understand the type of content they want to see.

Monetising through different streams is crucial to get sustainable revenues. But reinventing yourself in the ever-changing landscape that is the influencer marketing market is a different thing. To show you there are many routes to set yourself apart in the saturated world of fashion blogging, I picked three top influencers.

Camille Charrière, the podcaster

How To Set Yourself Apart From Other Fashion Influencers

The French-British influencer hasn’t updated her blog Camille Over The Rainbow since November 30th, 2017. And it isn’t a problem. Camille is an over-sharer on Instagram. If her feed looks like a well-curated version of the glamorous life of a fashion blogger, her stories give a glimpse of her daily life. The wedding of her partner in crime Monica Ainley, dinners with friends, holidays, behind-the-scenes of collaborations with brands etc. Stories are also the place where she shares her opinions and announces the release of a new episode of her podcast. Co-hosted with Monica Ainley, Fashion No Filter launched in December 2016 and feels like the perfect medium for Camille. If you are familiar with her blog, you might have noticed how much she enjoys dissecting fashion.

A graduate of law school with a first career experience in finance, this alumna of Net-A-Porter and MatchesFashion always showed interest in the fashion industry. Camille enjoys wearing beautiful clothes as well as discussing the inner workings of fashion. So launching a podcast seemed like the perfect trajectory to take. Accompanied by Monica Ainley who worked as a Features Editor for Avenue 32 and built Joseph’s image on social media, they make a perfect duo.

Man Repeller and Garance Doré both have a podcast so what sets Camille’s one apart? Fashion No Filter is like your favourite fashion TV show but in your headphones. In the span of one episode, you hear the opinion of many famous guests on a topic related to fashion. But not only. Both Camille and Monica aren’t afraid of their opinions and give them with no filter. Furthermore, the format of the podcast is enhanced by conversations recorded in the moment during Fashion Week. It makes Fashion No Filter look like a great radio reportage show.

Podcasting is the new medium for fashion bloggers. Camille managed to make a difference with a more journalistic and yet assertive show. All this without sounding preachy. The approach to look at the fashion industry is also different from any other show. Instead of interviewing people about their path in fashion, Camille and Monica take the investigative road on a topic and ask people for their point of view. So if there is one lesson to take from her, it’s to not be afraid to make a new medium yours.

Talking about Podcast, we just want to let you know that the new episodes of the Glam Observer Podcast are coming soon! We interviewed some amazing fashion professionals, digital expert and entrepreneurs. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, if you missed our previous episodes you can listen to them here. Please let us know what kind of content you’d like to listen to.

Chriselle Lim, the content producer

How To Set Yourself Apart From Other Fashion Influencers

At 32, Chriselle Lim is part of the top-tier influencers along with Chiara Ferragni, Leandra Medine, Aimee Song and Camila Cohelo. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, she started on Youtube when she was still in college. Realising making videos took a lot of time, she created her blog, The Chriselle Factor, to keep on feeding her audience with content more regularly. Known for her chic and high-end aesthetic, brands started to come to her for producing their content.

Though she already worked on producing content for brands before, she decided to officially launch her production company, CINC Studios, some months ago. Consultancy on social media or digital identity is not a field unknown to fashion bloggers, Camille Charrière does it for famous luxury brands, nonetheless what Chriselle Lim is doing with CINC is unique.

Most influencers make money through partnerships, collaborations, writing books or creating their shop online. But for Chriselle her product is content and doing this she sets herself apart from other influencers.

From strategic creative direction to brand’s identity, Chriselle’s influencer status makes her the best person to create content catering to a digital-savvy audience. If there is one lesson to take from her, it’s to know that everything you do for your blog can turn into a venture to help brands you are already collaborating with.

Andy Torres, the TV host

Andy Torres

Andy Torres from StyleScrapBook is one of the first fashion bloggers I followed. And not necessarily for her style. I was passionate about what she did as a host for Monki, Mango and Canon. She is also one of the first one to have been on a Ted Talk. Trained in Interior Design, no one could have thought that fashion blogging could offer her the opportunities she got. A native of Mexico, she also managed to be a TV for Cosmopolitan and E! Entertainment series ‘Click’ and ‘Elle Mexico Disena’. At the time she was definitely a pioneer in distinguishing herself from other fashion bloggers by becoming a TV host. To this day, few bloggers had the luck she had to accomplish what she did: that is being on TV sharing her expertise in fashion.

When TV hosts like Louise Roe take the leap and create their blog, there is less of a stigma than if a blogger becomes a TV host. That is why I wanted to include Andy in this article.

Though she just founded Ait, her fashion label, Andy Torres is the proof that a blogger can establish herself in any industry. If there is a lesson to take from her, it’s to realise that no media is sacrosanct. If you have the expertise and are good at marketing yourself, you can be recognised by people outside of your circle. 


Do you know other fashion influencers you feel have something special to offer? Let us know in the comments below.

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