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Non Boring Office looks

You have just bought that amazing bright yellow bag or that mini-skirt. And you know you’ll keep those for your Saturday shopping or your girl’s night out. In fact, we can be glamorous in the office, but there are some limits.  Your office looks don’t have to be so boring. Do you remember all those amazing looks Andy wore in The Devil Wears Prada when she finally entered Runway’s wardrobe? She wore something like 6 outfits in a row that we all dreamed about and inspired us to wear our coolest and yet professional look at work.

Andy’s looks are a perfect example of what a Fashionista wears to the office. And we should all keep that image in mind when choosing our work outfits in the morning.

We have selected for you 3 pieces that will make you look professional while immediately boosting your outfit to feel more confident and look cool at the same time (yes, it’s possible).

  1. Burberry scarves

Autumn is here and the temperatures are getting colder and colder so wearing a scarf in the morning is mandatory. But instead of always picking always the same boring black scarf, opt for a super soft cashmere scarf like the iconic Burberry ones.

  1. Marni Bags

Leave your mini and super cute bag at home.  Though stylish, it won’t follow you from morning to evening. Instead, think practical. You need to carry all your essentials like your laptop, planner, lunch, some makeup, a book and all the stuff that we now always have in our bags. This one in black is really beautiful and large enough to keep your entire house inside.

  1. Non-boring shoes

This season, stop wearing the same boots. Opt for a more sophisticated pair of shoes, like those cool velvet shoes you can wear with your black pants or a new dress.

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