4 amazing tips to make readers come back to your blog

How to Make Readers Come back to your blog

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Blog traffic is everything for a blogger but the most important thing about blogging is creating a loyal number of readers, those people who trust you and that visit regularly your blog to see what’s new.

These readers are the most important for your blog because they make your business, they’re those that trust your opinion and spread the word to other people. One of the best satisfaction of a blogger’s life is knowing that there are people who trust you, who follow you everyday because you’re able to inspire and help them with something.

Having lots of views is an important part of the blog’s business life but having people that come once and leave without coming back is not good at all.

In a perfect world we would like that all the readers that came once will back again everyday and that new readers come too, but unfortunately it’s not like this and make readers come back to your blog it ‘s not easy.

So how to make readers come back to your blog?These 4 tips will really help you


  1. Write quality content

Content is king. You should have read this sentence several times but that’s the ugly truth. You visit your favorite blogs just for the content. There are posts that you like more and some else that you don’t like at all but you are a loyal readers because you like most of them and also how the people who is behind the blog write about some topics.

  1. Be consistent

Set a schedule and respect it. I know how it could be difficult to post everyday especially if you have a full-time job (like me) but being consistent with the content is the key to grow your blog traffic and make readers come back to your blog. Would you visit a blog who post occasionally ? I don’t.

If you are not able to post everyday you can decide to post twice or three times a week, try to post the same days every week so your readers know when to expect new content

  1. Be honest

No one like to read something that it’s not real. Be transparent with your readers and share only what you do truly believe in. People understand when a collaboration is forced or when you’re sharing something that you have really tried and that you would recommend also to your sister and not only to your readers because you’re paid.

  1. Reply to comments

You should establish a contact with your readers through comments on blog and social media. You have to reply to every comments or email that you receive from your readers. People come back to your blog for the content but also because they trust and like the people who are behind it.

What do you think about? How do you make readers come back to your blog? Share your tips in a comment below

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