3 different ways to remove makeup

I alternate 3 different routines to remove my makeup

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Good  morning girls! Today I want to share with you 3 different ways to remove makeup . I know how this step can be annoying especially when it’s late night and we just want to sleep, but it’s extremely fundamental . Removing the makeup at night before sleeping is massively important to have a great skin with no imperfections and blemishes and also to prevent skin aging . Not washing makeup off could cause some irreversible damage to our skin.

The skin repairs itself at night while we sleep, so makeup can clog our pores , it not allow the skin to breathe and it can cause uneven skin tone, dryness, redness, acne, and even deepening of wrinkles.

If we want to have a perfect skin the makeup is not the solution , a perfect complexion starts from how do we care about it .

I alternate 3 different ways to remove makeup :

1) (No rinsing) makeup removal routine 


For this makeup removal routine I use 3 different products : one for the eyes, one for the skin and one for all over the face .


The first things that I do is to remove my eye makeup with the instant eye makeup remover from Sephora . This is absolutely my favorite product ever to remove the makeup from the eyes,  I’ve used it for years and I still love it . I apply it on my eyes with the cotton pads (one for each eye) and it gentle dissolves makeup perfectly, even the mascara .


After that I’ve removed my eye makeup I move on the rest of my face and I use the Triple Actions Cleansing Water from Sephora . Since when I’ve tried cleansing water I’ve never used again any other kind of (no rinse) cleanser . I love the formula of the cleansing water because it’s not so heavy on the face and it works greatly .I apply it with cottons pads all over my face and eyes . To complete the step I use rose water all over my face, eyes and neck.

2) Cleansing gel and sponge 


The products that I use in this case to remove makeup need to be rinsed .

The first thing that I do is to remove my eye makeup again like the previous way with the Sephora instant eye makeup remover . Then I move onto the skin and I use the Total Purify and Cleanse Gel which is a product that cleanses, removes makeup, eliminates impurities, excess sebum and tights the pores. I massage it onto damp skin not with my hands but with my Konjac Cleansing Sponge to clean more deeply and to smooth my skin perfectly, I massage for 2 minutes and then I rinse everything .


My face is absolutely fresh and clean using this second makeup removal method. This is my favorite makeup removal routine in terms of effectiveness. I feel that my skin is much more cleaned when I use products that need to be rinsed .

Water and no chemical products


I’ve already talked about the makeup eraser (you can read the review of the makeup eraser here) the cloth that removes makeup with just water . When I’m lazier and I want to remove my makeup directly from my bed I use the makeup eraser that gets rid of all types of makeup. I just wet it out with warm water and then with circular motions I remove my makeup from eyes and from the face . I don’t need any cleanser or other product, this cloth removes completely the makeup from the eyes and from the face with just water so I can stay in bed with the cloth and remove slowly my makeup 😀


So, these are my current 3 different ways to remove makeup , what do you think about? How do you remove your makeup ? Leave me your comments below 🙂

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