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If you want to work in fashion but don’t know which career fits you perfectly because you don’t know what are the different fashion careers and you don’t know what each of it does and the main activities you’re in the right place.

Before my master I just knew that there are lots of different fashion jobs and I knew about the most important ones. Now after that I studied each fashion role I’m able to share with you what I learned to help you finding your dream fashion job

Today we are going to talk about the role of the merchandiser in fashion.

The merchandiser is a management role really interesting (definitely one of my favorite fashion career) his main job is to give a guideline for the collection.

A collection doesn’t come just from the hands and the creativity of the designer, there are some guidelines given by the merchandiser who will provide to the designer team the collection grid : a grid that reflect how the collection should be, if it has to be made of 10 skirts, 3 bags, 8 shoes …

The merchandiser gets in touch with almost all the different departments of a fashion company from the research to the production and the designer team.

How does the merchandiser prepare the collection grid?

One of his main activity is making markets and performance of the past collections analysis. Through all these analysis the merchandiser could provide the grid of the collection to make it be successful and profitable.

Each fashion company is different and has its own organization so this fashion role could be called differently, there are some fashion companies that call the merchandiser brand manager. There could be the chief merchandiser officer and other junior and medium roles. The role of the merchandiser could be also differentiated in women, men, there should be the merchandiser of ready to wear, the merchandiser of the accessories and so on so forth. As I said it all depends from the fashion company.

Be aware to not confuse this merchandiser which is the collection merchandiser with the visual merchandiser who do the visual of the stores and the retail merchandiser who has to do with the stock and the replenishment of different retails.

To sum-up, what does a merchandiser do?

  • Market, competitors and business analysis
  • Coordinates the time for the development of the collection
  • Develop the collection grig
  • Reporting about the business and the collections

I really hope that this post has been helpful and that you enjoyed it 🙂 Please let me know in the comments below if you want to know something else or if you want me to explain you any other fashion career.

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