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If you have clear ideas in your mind since when you’re young, you can think about attending a fashion school to learn the basics about designing, production, and managing a fashion business.

But, what if you wake up one day, you just look at your wardrobe and you decide to launch your own fashion business?

If you are struggling with the facts that you can’t do it because you have not studied for that so don’t worry and don’t let this stop you.

Remind that both in fashion and in other businesses, the most successful companies was founded from scratch and most of the times the founders did not completed their degree when they launched a business.

So how to start your fashion line without having a designer background?

  • If you are dreaming about your own collection you have clear in your mind the items you want to develop whether they are clothes, accessories, bags or shoes. What you need to do as first thing is just to put them on a paper. But what if you have not ever attended a designer classes? No panic, you can sketch a draft of your items and ask a friend who is good at drawing to help you to improve your drafts.


  • After designing your collection you need someone who can produce the first pieces. You can ask your friends or doing some online researches to find a manufacturer. You may find out that around your city there is who produce the bags for some other brands. It will may be normal if they don’t reply to your calls or first emails, just don’t give up and if necessary go there in person and show them how are you determinate to do this.


  • It’s time to show your first samples to the rest of the world so hold a trunk show and be ready to sold your first pieces!

What do you think about? Do you have any tips about starting your own fashion line? Leave your comments below

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