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I don’t remember how I discovered Aria but all I know is that she is one of the rare French bloggers I follow.  I love her for her simple and yet sophisticated style but not only. As a fellow southern French girl, I cannot not relate to her vision of style. I enjoy her blog because it doesn’t match with the model of the French influencer or I’d rather say the Parisian girl. Her writing and Instagram stories are another reason why I follow her. I enjoy seeing bits of South of France, behind the scenes of her blog posts, what she gets from brands and some French stuff I just love like a map of France showing the different ways we say pencil in the whole country.

Aria is a full-time blogger, something I don’t think is quite common in France. From my experience at Stylight and Topshop with influencers, I always felt like France was behind compared to other countries in Europe. That is why I find fascinating seeing Aria making a living out of it.  I wanted to start our Influencers interview series with Aria because she is not based in Paris and still make it. This series has for goal to introduce you to various bloggers from all over the world to help you figure out the different ways to navigate the influencer arena. So enjoy and read Aria’s interview to discover her opinion on blogging, the term influencer and French style.

Aria’s Blog

Can you introduce yourself and your blog?

My name is Aria, I’m based in Provence and I run the fashion blog that highlights my minimal and affordable style with some tips and tricks.

Why did you start it?

Now that I think about it, I don’t even know why I started my blog. It’s an idea that got stuck in my head one day. I used to have a blog a few years ago and I guess I missed blogging too much.

What were the bloggers you were looking up to when you started your blog?

I was reading Leandra Medine’s blog a lot but Garance Doré was also one of my favourite blogger.  

Aria di Bari Interview

How would you define the blogging/influencer scene in France?

It’s not that different from the US or the UK but it’s very Paris based. I wish there were more bloggers from my area for example.

You are a full-time blogger in France – a place where influencer marketing is tough – how did you make the transition from part-time to full-time? What were the signs that showed you were ready to go full-time?

I decided to go full-time when I realised that my blog was becoming a big part of my life. When I took that decision, I was already working from home where I was crafting medieval and viking costumes. I didn’t really feel that transition process since I’m still working from home, I just changed my tools.

Your have a simple and subtly sophisticated style that is not representative of the French style emulated by a lot of French influencers, do you think that sets you apart from the rest?

I’m not sure my style is different actually! My style is very classic and like a lot of French women I like to invest into timeless pieces such as a nice blazer. But I like to add a little dramatic spin to my outfit such as statement earrings or embroidered pieces.

Do you think living in the South of France play a role in the way you perceive fashion and style?

Women in Provence have a very different sense of fashion, especially in the small villages. Our traditions have influenced the way I perceive fashion but also my background has influenced me.

When you decided to become a full-time blogger, what were the resources that helped you?

When I started my blog, I didn’t do much research, not even in SEO! It’s only after a year where I did some research about SEO, photography and editing. Google is a gold mine but I also binged on some very helpful podcasts.

How do you monetize your blog?

With brand collaborations most of the time but I also use the platform RewardStyle on my blog and sometimes on Instagram where I can link my outfits.

Aria di Bari Interview

What does a great collaboration mean to you?

There are several factors. A brand that really inspires me would be the start of a great collaboration. But also a good feedback from both sides is what I would call successful.

What are the factors that make you say ‘yes’ to work with a brand? and the factors that make you say ‘no’?

I immediately say yes when I fall in love with a brand or a concept. Before accepting a collaboration, I always ask myself if I would buy their products, if the answer is “no”, that’s when I refuse.

What is your most important social media platform?

Instagram is where I have the most followers so I would say this one!

Less and less influencers update their blogs and prefer posting on Instagram, what do you think about this tendency?

It’s true that more and more people are into microblogging nowadays. That’s something I understand because we changed our way to “consume” online. I know that I like to have a blog, this is where I can really connect and exchange with people. It feels more intimate.

How do you see the future for influencers?

It’s a bit early to predict influencers’ future. It’s a very new term that blew up with the rise of Instagram. I guess that the market will evolve over the years.

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